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Tarot of yes or no free and very accurate

You are in the reading of tarot cards yes or no accurate for free. It will help you to solve all those unanswered questions. This roll has neither a maximum nor a minimum cost since it is completely free, and not only that, you can also formulate as many questions as answers you need (no limit), whether they are: doubts about love, work, economic or family problems.

How can you do it? Focus very well on a very specific question, at that moment do not cross your legs, let your energy flow through your body and when you are ready or prepared. The good thing about this spread is that it is enough for you to select 1 free tarot card, where you will get your answer, this can be positive or negative. In the event that you get a Doubt card, roll again, if you get the same answer again, don't insist, take some time and try to relax and try to formulate the question again. another way for the cards to give you an accurate answer.

The free yes or no spin is a very useful tool to obtain quick and direct answers to specific questions. This spread is based on the choice of 1 single free card that, depending on its position and its symbolism, will indicate whether the answer to our question is affirmative or negative. Although the spread does not provide detailed explanations or complex analysis, it is a simple and effective way of getting immediate and accurate information on any issue that concerns us.

"Remember that they have to be questions where the answer ends in YES or NO"

Tarot of the yes or no free, accurate, reliable and true of the entire network

"Ask as many times as necessary, it's free "

Make your roll of Yes or No. All rolls are free

Are you worried about your health? Are you doing well at work? And about love? Well, ask our free tarot cards.

All of us at different moments in our lives are looking for an accurate answer to multiple questions that go through our heads. It's a very quick roll - ask your question, choose 1 card and you'll get Yes or No. It's also possible that you'll get "The Cards Doubt". In that he almost formulates the question more completely again and with simpler words. Get rid of doubts easily and for free. These cards are possibly the fastest to use, as it is a direct positive or negative response.

Remember that you must ask a question that has a yes or no answer. Do not forget either that you must concentrate all your energies on the question you must ask. Our advice is that you ask accurate questions that our free yes or no tarot card spread can help you to a greater extent. As we mentioned above: close your eyes, and concentrate hard on the question you want to ask; and at this point we must say that you should only focus on the question you want to ask. You shouldn't be concentrating on the answer you expect to receive.

If you also focus on the answer you want to receive, it will not be as realistic as possible and will not make our card spread work well and formulate as correct an answer as possible.

The yes or no tarot spread is one of the simplest and most popular spreads in the world of tarot. It is extremely useful when you need a quick answer to a specific question, such as: "should I take this job?" or "should I end this relationship?".

As we have already indicated, the spread is made by choosing only 1 card from the deck. This card can be interpreted in various ways depending on the tarot deck being used, but generally the reversed card is considered to indicate a negative response and the reversed card vertical position indicates an affirmative answer (this is the case in most major arcana; not all).

It is important to remember that the free yes or no tarot reading is not perfect and that the answers obtained should be taken as guidance or recommendation and not as the absolute truth. In addition, it is recommended that it be used in combination with other more complete tarot readings to obtain a broader and deeper vision of the situation, such as the love tarot or the oracle tarot.

In the yes or no tarot spread it can be done for any type of question, from personal matters to questions related to work, finances, relationships with your partner, with your family, etc They are usually one of the most frequently asked questions. The important thing is to formulate the question clearly and concisely in order to obtain an answer that is as precise and strict as possible.

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