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It is in mathematics where we see the first relationship with numbers and it is later, thanks to Pythagoras, that this relationship takes on a lot of weight. Well, just like in mathematics, in the intangible world we can find how numbers are related to who we are.

As energetic beings we have the ability to perceive waves and vibrations whose way of interpreting for our brain is in the form of numbers. This is why at some point you realize that you constantly see numbers that repeat themselves and repeat themselves in your life, the reason is that you are experiencing the same vibration over and over again.

Numerology can help us in many ways in our lives, we just have to learn to interpret it and not give it an importance that goes beyond reasoning and leads us to be even more confused.


The numbers can translate the vibrational information that a person has and based on that vibration they have the ability to show situations that are unknown and somehow show personal characteristics that help to develop during the day to day.

On the other hand, the meaning of the numbers is used as a method of divination , to be able to know some things that will be presented to you in your life and how to act in this regard. There are people specialized in numerology who can carry out this work and help anyone who needs it.

Each number has its own vibration both when writing it and when naming it, and thanks to this, combinations are made that allow you to manifest almost anything for your life, be it money, abundance, love, support from the angels and the universe, solutions to problems, etc.

Numerology calculate

Numerology is considered a central consciousness, so in order to calculate it, the date of birth is absolutely necessary. Each number of the date of birth is added to the one that follows it and the result is added until the number is reduced to a single digit; except for the numbers 11 – 22 – 33, which are considered master numbers.

The master numbers have a special vibration that suggests that the person who possesses them has a higher spiritual level and in their life path their soul has already recognized how and why they should travel it

With the date of birth you can discover the number that governs your life, however you can do many other calculations, for example, to find out how your development will be this year you can take out the birth numerology by adding the current year. You can also consult special characteristics of you using the numbers that your name represents.

Numerology date of birth

To calculate numerology using your date of birth, you have to add all the digits of your date of birth; For example, if you were born on July 25, 1986, you have to do the following:


2+5+0+7+1+9+8+6 = 38

8 + 3 = 11

As you can see in the example, the count ends in a master number so it should never be reduced. Now all that remains is to be guided by the interpretation table to know how this number governs your life.

Numerology according to name

Through numerology according to the name, one has the ability to know what is the internal and external vibration that each person has, apart from that it provides knowledge about what has come to live, understand and transcend in this material world from the family and the family tree.

The full name offers 2 important meanings and is separated into two numbers. The first is the product of the sum of the vowels of the name that when added will result in a number that represents the internal vibration.

This internal vibration or energy is our own and seldom comes to light, it is what we truly are. Now, the sum of the consonants of the name results in a number that talks about the external characteristics that the person has, what we show to the world and what we are known for but that in reality sometimes we are not.

For numerology according to the name, you have to add the digits that each letter represents and that are exposed in the alphanumeric table based on the Pythagoras scale.















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