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Belonging to the 12 constellations of the zodiac signs, the constellation of Leo is one of the most majestic among the starry night. It is visited by the sun during the months of August and September.

This constellation represents the Lion of Nimea and its number of stars make it one of the most striking and beautiful in the entire firmament. Learn about its history and the majesty of its energy.

la constelacion de leo


Leo is one of the most beautiful and brightest constellations in the entire galaxy, it is made up of 6 stars. Its shape is given by its legs and tail that point to the east, its head and mane seem to form a kind of question mark. Regulos is the leading star because it is the brightest of the constellation.

It is located on the elliptical and that is why the main stars of the solar system pass between it, which makes it even brighter, especially on December 13 and 14.

The mighty lion borders the constellation Cancer to the west and Virgo to the east. To the north are the stars called pointers and to the south are Hydra and Crater.


The constellation of Leo also has its history rooted in Greek mythology and is based on the Nemean Lion, who was the firstborn of Typhin and Echidna. It was said that he was a powerful and indestructible beast, capable of devouring people and animals alike, generating panic among all the inhabitants. 

Hercules himself was given the task of annihilating him by his own father, Zeus, his first task and one that would prove to be one of the most difficult for the hero. The lion's foot was nearly impenetrable so his attempts to break through were thwarted.

In the midst of despair Hercules defined a strategy, he would attack the animal by cornering it in its cave, which had two entrances; one was blocked and through the other he was able to enter the lion's guard. The son Zeus embraced the beast firmly and after a long fight, the lion of Nimea fell strangled .

To complete the mission, Hercules had to remove its fur and since he couldn't, Athena gave him the idea of using the claws of the animal itself, he wore the fur as armor and the head as a helmet; To honor the act of his son, Zeus decided to place the lion within the constellations </ strong>, giving rise to the constellation Leo. 

That epic battle became a legend and a reference for the world, which is why in the Museo del Prado, in Madrid, there is a work that shows this epic battle between Hercules and the lion of Nimea. Its authorship corresponds to Francisco de Zurbarán and is called "Hercules fights against the Nemean lion".

la mitologia de la constelacion de leo

Fuente del autor: Damon Hellanbrand


The constellation Leo is characterized by extremely striking and bright star formation, making it one of the most beautiful constellations of all. Regulus is the main star due to its brightness and its greatness, which is accompanied by other stars of equal beauty.


Also known as Alpha Leonis, Regulus is not only the brightest star in the constellation, but also one of the brightest stars. glowing in the night sky. Regulus is a four star system located about 80 light-years from Earth, the system consists of the bright Regulus A and three darker stars. Regulus A is a large blue star of main sequence with about 4 times the mass and radius of the Sun.


Also known as Beta Leonis, it is a bright main sequence star of white color located about 36 light-years > from Earth, the star is only 75% larger in mass and radius than our Sun.


Zosma is a white main sequence star located about 58 light years from Earth, the star has a mass and radius about twice that from that of the Sun.


Together with Denebola and Zosma, it forms the rump of Leo in the shape of a bright triangle, like the other two Chort is a white main sequence star, at a distance 165 light-years from Earth is the farthest of the trio and as a result less bright.


Also known as Gamma Leonis, Algieba is a two-star system about 130 light-years from Earth, the system consists of >two giant binary stars orbiting each other at about 16 billion miles (26 billion km).


Adhafera is a white-yellow giant star about 270 light years from Earth, it is about six times larger in diameter than the sun with about three times its mass.


Those born under the Leo sign share the natural majesty of this constellation, they are optimistic people capable of infecting everyone around them, thus showing their enthusiasm in almost all circumstances.

Like the lion, these people are natural leaders, it is an innate quality that makes them excellent coworkers, as long as they are able to control his arrogant side.

They don't lack self-confidence, so they usually embark on tasks with a goal in mind and put all their effort into achieving it.

However, sometimes arrogance plays a trick on them, which is why they fall into somewhat childish anger and tantrums. Those around them must have a certain left hand to manage that feeling of superiority of Leos, who are not always aware of their true potential and hit a wall.