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Each of the constellations that occupy the sky is surrounded by a certain mysticism, a legend and especially an energy load. There are those who look for a star or a constellation for work their energies and synchronize them .

Aquarium constellation is one of the 12 constellations that belong to Zodiac, and is one of the greatest , it is considered one of the most important, for different reasons. It is also located on the line that follows the sun along the celestial sphere.

Aquarius is also known as the constellation of the water bearer , because represents the flow of water in the universe . It is one of the 48 constellations described by Claudio Ptolomeo.

la constelacion de acuario


The constellation of Aquarius is one of the most ancient constellations of all zodiac , its size is about 980 square degrees in the sky, which makes it the tenth largest constellation of the entire sky.

Its most visible point is with the arrival of autumn in the northern hemisphere, and when spring arrives in the southern hemisphere. The latitudes of its exact location are between 65 and 90 degrees. It is surrounded by the constellations of Aquila, Capricorn, Cetus, Delphius, Equuls, Pestico, Pisces and Sculptor.

Its most important star is the Beta Aquiarii who is normally called as Sadalsuud, she is accompanied by 52 stars , which are not as bright or large as the first. In addition, in the aquarium constellation there are some celestial objects such as the globular clusters ; Messier 2 and Messier 72, as well as the Messier 73.

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The constellation of Aquarius in one of the constellations with the most mythological versions, than its other companions. The story ensures that Aquarius was already known by the astronomers of Babylon , who associated it with the god ea , who was represented by a man with a vessel des which Distilled the water from the Earth .

At the time of Babylonian civilization, the winter solstice took place during the passage through the constellation of Aquarius. For this reason, the period of time that passed during the days before and after the winter solstice was known as the path of Ea . The Babylonians associated this deity with the destructive effects of the recurrent floods of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers .

For the Egyptian , the figure of the Aquarius constellation was seen in a better way, since it foreshadowed the flood of the Nile River . According to the Egyptian civilization, the beginning of spring was brought by Aquarius, who immersed his jug in the Nile River and caused the floods.

In Greek mythology, Aquarius was identified with ganymedes , a divine hero son of tros , king of Dardania . The myth says that Ganímedes was kidnapped by Zeus to make him the cupbearer in charge of serving the gods of Olympus. In some versions, Aquarius constellation appears simply as a vessel that spills water in the direction of the constellation of the southern fish.

la mitologia de la constelacion de acuario

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Aquarius includes a number of planetary nebulae , including ngc 7009 , a of the brightest in the sky . Also known as Saturn's nebula because it has a ring that looks like Saturn.


The well -known figure of the water carrier Yellow of type G, several times larger than the solar star. The main star of the aquarium constellation is sadalsuud . It is 600 light years away and has a magnitude of 2.9.


Another of the main stars is Sadalmelik, it is located at 760 light years of the Earth with a magnitude of 2.95. 158 light years from Earth is Gamma Aquarii, or Sadachbia, has a magnitude of 3.8. Zeta Aquarii is in the center of the configuration in the form of and that forms the aquarium water jar.

The other stars in asterism that form the bottle are gamma, pi and eta aquarii. The water current consists of more than 20 stars, which end in Fomalhaut.


Another of the most beautiful stars of the aquarius constellation is R Aquarii, which is of a variable type. It is formed by a couple of stars; A white dwarf and another variable that orbits every 44 years. As they surround their common center of gravity, the white dwarf member extracts material from your partner . Eventually, part of that material follows from the white dwarf, which makes the star illuminate considerably.


Those born under the sign of Aquarius are governed by the planet Uranus , and are represented by the man who pours water from its pitcher . They belong to the air element that is indicative that they are very sociable .

They are free and strong personality which drives them to reveal against everything conventional and all those attitudes that they consider restrictive. They are idealists and innovative , with an original point of view and contrary to everything conventional.

defend their criteria regardless of whether they are judged with rebels, they have strong renovating values with a great tendency towards the new , modern and unconventional </strong >.

These characteristics allow them to advance with conviction without looking back, thus reaching all the goals that are proposed, because they go to them and nothing retains them. They also highlight their intelligence and creativity , which allows them to project beyond a limited vision.


We all know that each sign of the Zodiac has some individual characteristics that differentiate them from all the others. But it is also true that some share common traits and totally contradictory traits.

Some may be more emotional than others, more or less sociable, ambitious, passionate and a very long etc. often guided by their element: air, fire, earth or water.

compatibilidad de signos
compatibilidad de signos