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Constellations are a set of celestial stars and objects, and in many cases they are made up of planets, which are usually represented by figures related to mythological characters or ancestors. Capricorn is a day the constellations that belong to the zodiac, and is one of the most important in terms of astronomical phenomena, 2000 years ago was in the constellation of Capricorn where the sun reached the solstice of Winter . Capricorn is the precision point of the equinoxes , where the intersection of the plan of the orbit of the earth with the celestial equator happens.

la constelacion de capricornio


The Capricorn constellation also known as the Marina Cabra and is number 10 in relation to Zodiac and constellation rest of the stars. It is located in the southern hemisphere, where it is a neighbor of the constellations of Aquarius, Aquila Microscopium, Pisces Austrinus and Sagittarius.

Its form is triangular, and among the 85 constellations that occupy the sky, Capricorn is the number 40 in size, brightness and strength, occupying a space of 44 square degrees. His main stars are 8; The Capricornidas Alfa, the Capricornidas Chi, the Capricornidas Sigma, the Capricorn Tau, and the Capricorn-Sagititeidas Capricornales.

The Tropic of Capricorn is the one who draws imaginary line what a position mark of the sun the noon in the summer solstice . Line that for a while divided the constellation of Capricorn into two parts, but that changed due to the succession and celestial movement, which moved to the constellation of Sagittarius.


Despite being one of the weakest constellations among the 12 Zodiac constellations, Capricorn constellation and his story goes back to the 21st century B.C. , because it was this constellation, which in the Bronze Age marked the moment of the summer solstice.

In Greek mythology it is known as a deity that the Greeks saw in the forest, bread with goat and hooves , who had a son named Crotus and also refers to the constellation of Sagittarius. Legend tells that Pan rescued and saved the gods of Olympus several times, when they were chased by Crono, so Zeus was always grateful. Pan distinguished himself during the war with the Titans, when he scared them by touching the trumpets in his shell.

later warned of the approach of the tifon monster , and also suggested that the gods resurface in animals in the most dangerous moments. There is also a myth of why bread looks so strange. He himself had to flee the monster, so he wanted to become a fish and hide in the Nile . But the transformation was only completed in half, after which the monster seized it.

Sometimes in the Capricorn costume see a barracks, which breastfeed the baby Zeus, when the mother hid from the witch (father), which killed all children. According to the prophecy, the child had to overthrow his father, which happened as a result.

la mitologia de la constelacion de capricornio

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Capricornio es unas de las constelaciones más débiles del zodiaco, se compone de 8 estrellas principales y un cúmulo de objetos celestiales; Mesier 30, que está a 28.000 años luz de distancia y lleva unos 90 años luz de diámetro.


is the most brilliant of the Capricornus constellation, its name derives from Arabic (Oanab al-Jady) which means "the tail of the goat" Strong>. It is a four -star system, which has a white giant, a star that varies in luminosity and two others that are believed to be orbiting their system. In addition, it is also 39 light years distance.


is the second brightest star in Capricornus; However, it is classified as a star system.


are binary stars that are composed of multiple stars.


receives its name from Arabic al-Jady, which means "goat goat" . This optical binary star consists of two star systems: cousin Giedi (Alpha-2 Capricorni) and Secunda Giedi (Alpha-2 Capricorni).


is a star that is 139 light years of distance and is considered a giant bluish white type A giant . His name comes from Arabic, which means "bearer of good news" .


is a double star with a component that is a bright barium star and the other is a yellow supergigant type G and a white dwarf .


Your name is derived from the Latin word "the back (of the goat)" . It is also a white dwarf of main sequence type A, located at 158 light years distance.


means "The belly of the goat" and is cataloged as a Red giant star M . It is found 630 light years distance.


is a white-yellow giant located 47.9 light years of the earth.


Capricorn are those born between December 21 and January 12 . They are people with ambitions and totally disciplined , prudent and practical , they are usually very cautious people to make decisions. Despite being reserved they are usually very funny and sociable . They like reliability, professionalism, a solid base, have a goal, leadership.

As a land sign, for a Capricorn there is nothing more important in life than the family . The people of the Capricorn sign are some self-control teacher and have the potential to be great leaders or managers , as long as we speak in the field of business and Companies.

Saturn is the regent planet of Capricorn and this planet represents restrictions of all kinds. Saturn's influence makes Capricorn practical and responsible, as well as a saver money for the future.