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One of the 12 zodiac signs belongs to Cancer whose name is shared with one of the most discreet constellations in the galaxy and which shines relatively faintly in the night sky, the constellation Cancer.

The constellation of Cancer is made up of a group of very faint, weak and light stars, which are barely distinguishable in the sky night. With such low brightness, even at night rush hour when it is darkest, they are very difficult to distinguish. Despite its shyness to shine, the constellation of the crab has an interesting and mythical meaning.

One of these relates it to one of the twelve labors that were entrusted to Hercules or Heracles, as a penalty to free oneself from the penalty after killing his entire family. He knows more about this mystical constellation and its ruling sign.

la constelacion de cancer


The constellation Cancer is located in the northern hemisphere and ranks 31st among the largest constellations in the universe. It occupies an area of 506 square degrees within celestial space and can be seen at latitudes +90° and -60°.

It is located between the constellations Gemini and Canis Minor, the star Lynx in the North, and the constellation Hydra in the South. This constellation is also known as the Tropic of Cancer, because it is located in one of the northern hemispheres and parallel to Earth.

The constellation Cancer emits a weak light and very little brightness, making it very difficult to detect in the night sky, as we have already mentioned. Its shape is very particular because it does not refer to a crab, but to an Inverted Y. It is more visible in the northern hemisphere, especially at the beginning of spring, and in the southern hemisphere, it can be seen when autumn begins.


It is the fourth sign in the zodiacal system and is the 31st largest constellation in the entire firmament. The constellation of Cancer is related to the moon, in fact its sign is considered to be of the lunar type, according to legend this is related to the change of shell of crabs in the same way that the moon changes color. phases.

Legend tells of a giant crab that pinched the hero Hercules just as he was waging a battle against the Hydra, better known as the 12-headed serpent, one one of the most indomitable mythological monsters in the entire history of Greek mythology.

The mother goddess Hera, wife of the supreme god of the skies Zeus, sent a giant crab to end the life of her enemy Hercules, just when the semi God had begun to wage battle against the Hydra serpent. In the middle of the crusade, the crab stung Hercules and he was crushed by the incalculable strength of the hero.

The constellation of Cancer also rests right next to the constellation of Leo, which, precisely, is a representation of another of the tests that Hercules carried out, in which the hero had to face the great lion. From there, the constellation of the crab is considered as a tribute to one of the 12 tests that the son of Zeus had to face.

la mitologia de la constelacion de cancer

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The least luminous constellation of the entire galactic system is the constellation of Cancer, since the stars that compose it are some of the least bright and radiant. Sartan, Altarf, Asellus, Australis and Lota are the 5 main stars that form the inverted Y of this lunar constellation.


It is known as the pincer, it has a magnitude 4.30, it is yellow in color almost white. It is 170 light years from Earth and is fifty times more luminous than our Sun.


It is a star of magnitude 3.5 and is considered the brightest of the constellation. It is in the southern limit of the constellation next to Hydra. It is 290 light years away, it is orange in color. It forms a binary system with a white dwarf of magnitude 14 to 29″, visible with large telescopes.


Ó Northern Donkey as defined by Ptolemy in his Almagest. Brightness 4.6, white and 158 light years from Earth.


Ó Asno del Sur, is located in the center of the constellation and curiously the ecliptic passes only 3′ of arc south of the star. Of magnitude 4.2, it is yellow in color and is 136 light years from planet Earth.


It is located in the northern part of the constellation, it is yellow in color and with a magnitude of 4.20 it is 300 light years from us . It forms a separate binary system at 30″ of arc.


Those born from June 21 to July 22 are assigned under the sign of Cancer, a sign of the water element, represented by the crab and its ruling planet is the moon.

In the zodiac, those born under the sign of Cancer are emotional and sensitive, intuitive people. They have an excellent memory and love deep conversations and intimacy.

They are openly critical of themselves and are always there to support their loved ones.

The crab lives under its hard shell, which protects its inner sensitivity and serves as a refuge for its shyness. People born under the sign of Cancer are affectionate, they like to feel and give love , sometimes they are distrustful.