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In the universe there are thousands and thousands of constellations, 12 of them belong to and govern all the astrological energy of the 12 signs of the zodiac, that is why their names correspond to each one of them. The second sign is the constellation Taurus.

The astrological constellation that is represented by the ox and the bull is known as the constellation of Taurus, it is one of the most impressive stars that can be seen on the starry sky, and it can be seen near the constellations of leo and scorpio.

la constelacion de tauro


The constellation of Taurus is one of the 12 constellations of the zodiac through which each year the sun sees its path. It is crossed by the galactic Equator, which is in charge of dividing the Milky Way into two large halves; galactic and celestial.

This constellation is located between the constellation Gemini on its left and Aries on the right. Its main stars are Aldebaran and Elnath as well as two large meteorites that accompany it, the Taurids of the South and the Northern Taurids, active from September 25 to November 25.

The constellation of Taurus can be easily seen between latitudes 90° and -65°, and is best seen at 9pm, throughout the month of January strong>. Its particular bull shape is achieved thanks to the open, V-shaped star cluster. Hyades forms the head of the bull and its star Aldebaran forms the eye that points in the direction of Orion.


The constellations are surrounded by great myths and stories, conceived in cultures of past centuries. Astrological constellations are mostly based on Greek mythology. This tells that Taurus represents the Minotaur, which in turn is the transformation of the god Zeus himself into a bull.

This legend tells that Zeus was deeply in love with Europa and it is because of her that he decides to become a beautiful and meek bull, when Europa sees him he decides to climb on it and that is when Zeus he kidnaps her and takes her to the ocean. It is there that she possesses her and they father 3 children; Minos, Rhadamantis and Sarpedon.

From the moment in which mythology recounts the existence of these children is when Minos represents the constellation of Taurus. On the other hand, in Egyptian mythology this constellation is represented by the gods Osiris and Isis. These two gods are represented with a body that is half bull and half cow.

The constellation of Taurus is one of the best known in the world and easy to appreciate, in addition to the different stories and legend that surround it, its ancestral power is said to be one of the strongest.

la mitologia de la constelacion de tauro

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The constellation of Taurus is made up of several big and beautiful stars, but it is also made up of clusters and nebulae, some more important than others.


Its main characteristic is that it is the brightest star in the entire constellation. It has a color ranging from red to fairly intense orange. This is what makes it quite easy to recognize and it is usually accompanied by another star that is less bright.


It is the brightest star in the Pleiades cluster. Of all the stars in clusters, it is the youngest.


Double star : receives this name because with the naked eye they can be seen as if they were two very close stars. For this reason, they are also called binary stars and are white. We are talking about a type of spectral star A and that it is in a phase of evolution. This star originates through the fusion of hydrogen into helium. This chemical reaction occurs in the same way as in the Sun.


The constellation Taurus is made up of two large clusters: the Pleiades and the Hyades. Pleiades is a group of 7 stars that are located in this constellation and are closest to Earth. They are considered the most visible of all the stars in this constellation and are very old. Their fame is due to the fact that they have spread throughout history and have been widely recognized for appearing in numerous legends and myths.

The Hyades are another cluster of recognized and oldest stars in space. It is estimated that the sole is around 625 million years old.

Nebulae are also very common within the constellation Taurine, the first being the Crab Nebula which was formed by the debris left behind by a supernova. In the center of this nebula we can see two stars but with less brightness.

Another of the nebulae that the constellation of Taurus has is the so-called Reflection Nebula. Its main characteristic is that it has a blue color and a chemical composition of gas, iron, hydrogen, oxygen, silicon, carbon and stellar dust.


People born under the sign Taurus are more sensitive. They are said to be people who can be fully trusted and are often excellent friends and lovers. They are also very patient people and are characterized by having physical and intellectual strength. This bullfighting constellation is ruled by the planet Venus, so they are said to be people who love beauty, with a natural aesthetic sense.

Taurines are hard on the outside but with a very noble interior, they are creative and extremely methodical, they need to take all the time in the world to carry out their tasks and , above all, to make decisions.



We all know that each sign of the Zodiac has some individual characteristics that differentiate them from all the others. But it is also true that some share common traits and totally contradictory traits.

Some may be more emotional than others, more or less sociable, ambitious, passionate and a very long etc. often guided by their element: air, fire, earth or water.

compatibilidad de signos
compatibilidad de signos