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of 85 constellations that occupy the sky, 12 belong to the Zodiac, named for different mythological and ancestral reasons, which give each of them a story. One of them is the Pisces constellation.

Pisces is a singular and interesting constellation , which easily can be seen from any part of the earth . Like all zodiac signs, it is located in the ecliptic line or better known as the level where the planets orbit, this means that both the moon and the sun seem to move through the Pisces constellation.

la constelacion de piscis


Pisces constellation is one of the most extensive stars groups throughout the sky, and can be seen from anywhere although it is not easy to find and distinguish, especially in urban areas.

It is located between Aquarius on the west side and Aries to the East, appears in the sky from the March 12 and April 18 , which according to the Babylonian calendar, begins its equinox. /p>

Kulacnunum is the brightest star of the Pisces constellation, a Babylonian name since it refers to the crib of west of the constellation. Arisha is the second most important star in Pisces and is located 139 light years of the Solar System.

Pisces is also composed of two objects of the deep sky, which are the spiral galaxy M74 , and NGC 520 formed by two galaxies in the process of collision. To be able to find Pisces, his luminous stars must first be located, which are near the head of the fish and the rope. To find the fish that nothing, the constellation of Pegasus must be located first, and just south of this is the fish.


Pisces and its history date back to the mythological culture of Greece , who emphasizes the story of Aphrodite and his son Eros . The legend tells that the goddess gaia was in dispute with aphrodite for having made to suffer volcan of marriage, so he sent his typhoon to take revenge on her.

The entire conflict has its root because Aphrodite was married to Vulcan /Strong>. Zeus gave Aphrodite to Vulcano but this goddess was not fully agree or in love.

Vulcano was a rough and aggressive creature so Aphrodite decided to have a romance with Hares as soon as he met him, just then Cupid and eros were born , being Eros Son of Hares. Gais, goddess of the earth, reacted very badly at the fact that Aphrodite had been unfaithful to Vulcano and also had a son out of marriage.

In the midst of her anger, Mother Earth created the typhoon, who was such a high and strong monster that reached the sky, her head was an winged animal, from her mouth she came out fire and lava springs and her feet and hands were hands were snakes that when moving caused disasters when passing.

This is why the concept of typhoon in the field of meteorology is so called catastrophic events that affect certain countries hugely. >

This monster received the order to kill them for breaking the mandate, so Aphrodite decided to tie up with Eros and launch into the sea to protect themselves and protect their son and that no one could unleash them. /p>

The god Zeus seeing this feat what he did was that he climbed them placed in the sky, creating the Pisces constellation.

la mitologia de la constelacion de piscis

Fuente del autor: Damon Hellanbrand


One of the largest constellations is that of Pisces, although it is not one of the brightest and most glowing of the sky. It has 150 stars of different sizes and brightness. The brightest of them is ETA Piscium, compared to the rest.


is a yellow 300 -year -olds Earth, it is about 26 times larger radio than the sun with 4 with 4 sometimes your mass. It is the brightest star of the constellation, although its apparent magnitude is only 3.62.


is a binary stellar system that consists of two stars mainly color blue-white sequence , the two stars are separated by a distance from Around 11 billion miles (18 billion km) and take about 700 years to orbit one in the other, the Alpha Piscium system is 140 light years of the earth. P>


It is a main yellow-white sequence star about 100 light years from the earth with twice the dough than the sun.


It is a yellow giant star about 140 light years from the earth, it has around the same mass as the sun but is 10 times bigger on radio.


fumalsamakah (which means "mouth of the fish" in Arabic). It is much further from us, at a distance of just under 500 light years . There are about 20 brighter stars within the "fish" pattern of Pisces, and many others in the official region designated by the UIA as "Pisces" in its letters.


People born between February 19 and March 20 are native to the Pisces sign, a sign of the water element and governed by Neptune . The people of this sign are very calm and adapt quickly to their environment and have no problems with conflicting people.

They are native mediators so it is easy to manage conflicts and make decisions in their midst. They are very careful when they establish a relationship with third parties and are highlighted by their kindness , so they are considered good company and very nice people.

But to put some but, they can be clueless and are not always governed by the established order, so despite being tolerant sometimes they are a bit out of play.