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There are hundreds of stars in the outer space that can be seen on the night sky. When a group of stars are formed that resemble spectacular figures, they are known as constellations. 12 of them correspond to the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Sagittarius constellation is the ninth of the Zodiac and is represented by the figure of the centaur with an arc in the hand . It is known for being one of the largest constellations of the universe, formed by 22 stars.

la constelacion de sagitario


Sagittarius constellation is considered one of the largest in the universe, and can be observed from anywhere in the planet. While in the southern hemisphere it can be observed during the months of autumn, winter and spring, and from the northern hemisphere it is more noticeable on summer nights.

His image is represented by a archer centaur that made up of 22 main stars and hundreds of celestial objects , some of the stars are known for having planets, thus being the constellation with more planets .

is located further south, a position considered as the center of the galaxy. It is located near Capricorn and Scorpio and you are very close to the regions populated by the stars of the Milky Way. If main stars are X Sagottarii and W Sagotarri, impressive pro their size and brightness. Another star is the so -called gun, the brightest and is composed of extrasolary planets.


Sagittarius has its legend based on Greek mythology, who recounts the history of the chirón centaur , known being mythical full of wisdom , legends, experience and endless knowledge about the secrets of Universe . He was the firstborn of Cronos and the Nymph Filiria, was born becoming half a man and half horse , this because his father had to transform into a steed to be able to engender it.

considered immortal , he was a great teacher with disciples such as: Cástor, Pollux, Ulysses, among others. In a combat he was injured with an arrow with blood of Hidra Lerna , producing unbearable pain, but due to his immortality he decided to ask for the consent of the gods to offer their immortality and not Having to endure pain throughout his life, so Zeus placed it among the stars of heaven making it the constellation we know today.

This group of stars that form the constellation of Sagittarius, are considered very special and is due to their history, because is the only one that is completely crossed by the Milky Way . Antares, is part of a small group of stars that are the most visible in the universe and is specifically where the goalkeeper points in the heavens.

la mitologia de la constelacion de sagitario

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Sagittarius constellation is commits of 22 main stars , celestial painets and objects, forming among all one of the greatest constellations of the galaxy. The main one known as Sagittarii, better known as Rukbat, despite that the brightest is Kaus Australis.


The Rukbat star comes from the Arab goalkeeper. It is found 170 light years and has an apparent magnitude of +3.97. It is of the white-blue type and 112 times brighter than the sun. Its metallic content makes it similar to the star of the solar system.


kaus australis, their compound name comes from Arab Strong> comes from Latin and means "del Sur" . Located at 145 light years , it is of a giant white-blue with a luminosity 375 times greater than the sun. It is starting to get its nucleus what they already do a very long star, of almost 300 million years.


Sagittarii (Arkab) although it would be more correct to say that there are two second stars, arkab prior and β² arkab posterior . His name Arkab comes from the Arab term "to the ʼurḳūb" , which means "the Achilles tendon" . Prior is a 3.96 magnitude star that is 378 light years of the binary type, composed of two arkab stars prior to the bluish white type and the brightest of both, and Arkab Prior B of magnitude 7.4. On the back of 139 light years being a F2III spectral type giant with a luminosity 27 times greater than that of the sun.


In the ninth position of the Zodiac is located Sagittarius, governed by the planet Jupiter . They are very observant people but from a distance, he has his eyes on the future, curious by nature of all things that allows them to understand and see the world in a holistic way.

Centaur natives are people who always seek to expand their horizons ; already traveling or knowing other cultures through their history or philosophy.

Because it is a sign of fire, sagittarius, it is expansive and very cheerful nature , they are highly optimistic and very confident and possibilities that life gives you, so sometimes your silver goals are usually very exaggerated. They tend to lead a life that is above their possibilities.

Sagittarius is a stimulating sign, with an energy that does not go from being perceived. The good luck always accompanies him and always know how to get well stopped from all situations. In the sentimental field, being a sign of fire, when man falls in love does it quickly . It is extremely charismatic and usually falls in love with women at first glance.


We all know that each sign of the Zodiac has some individual characteristics that differentiate them from all the others. But it is also true that some share common traits and totally contradictory traits.

Some may be more emotional than others, more or less sociable, ambitious, passionate and a very long etc. often guided by their element: air, fire, earth or water.

compatibilidad de signos
compatibilidad de signos