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The night is always adorned with thousands of stars, planets and clusters that together make up what we know as a Milky Way. Within these stars the constellations are formed and they are the constellation of scorpion.

It is considered one of the most visible constellations since it is positioned in the center of the Milky Way and the ecliptic plane, as well as the other zodiac signs. His luminous stars are located in their tweezers and their characteristic tail, therefore it is very easy to recognize.

la constelacion de escorpio


It is the eighth constellation of Zodiac and one of the first to be discovered by Ptolemy in his research about the stars. The constellation of scorpion is one of the most prominent throughout the starry sky, not only because of its age but by the magnitude of the stars that make it up. In addition to their celestial bodies it is one of the constellations that is more easy to observe from Earth.

Like all constellations, the constellation of scorpion, is formed of main stars. Antares is the heart of scorpion , one of the most important stars of the sky being the number 16 in brightness within the night sky. It is part of the 4 main stars next to Régulo, Aldebarán and Folmalhau.

Antares is reddish that once it is located in the sky, it will be very easy to recognize the tweezers and the scorpion sting . His days of best color is in the summer, and even then is incomplete due to its location close to the south.


According to Greek mythology, the constellation of scorpion responds to the history of orion , a giant hunter son of poseidon that according to legend, this fell in love with The goddess Artemis , daughter of Zeus.

on a night that Artemis was hunting from her, orión tried to conquer her, and seeing that he could not try to violate her . Trying to get out of the giant and save yourself, Artemis asked for help and it is arrived in the form of scorpion . The animal peak to the giant Orion, wounding it of death.

As a reward for his service, and as Artemis herself requested, Zeus decided to put the scorpion in the sky. Of course, right on the opposite side in which the constellation of Orion is located, so that they would not continue to fight.

In the cycle of the stars, the constellation of orion begins to dimin >.

While this is the story that has had the greatest draft, there are others around this same myth. These suggest that the scorpion was sent by Gea, because the giant had lost reason and had set out to end each and every one of the living beings.

Thinking that it was a harmless animal and belittling its power, ignored the scorpion until it had already bitten it and it was too late. In this same story it is considered that the Gea is the mother of Orion .

la mitologia de la constelacion de escorpio

Fuente del autor: Damon Hellanbrand


One of the most colorful constellations of the sky is the constellation of scorpion, and this is due to the stars that make it up. Among her is Antares, one of the most important and brightest in the night sky.


The star antares has a magnitude of 0.96 and is possessing a spectacular reddish color visible to the naked eye , it is a red supergigent 10,700 times more brilliant than the sun and located at 600 light years of the earth. Seeing it with a telescope we detect that it is a double star, and its partner has a magnitude of 5.4 and is blue, but that with the reddish intensity of Antares it seems green.


graphs or claws is the second most important star of the constellation of scorpion, it is located north of the constellation and is part of the claws of the scorpion , it is also a beautiful Double star formed by two components of magnitude 2.8 and 5.4 both blue , the system is located 530 light years of the earth, the main one is a Blue giant 2800 times more luminous quel solar system.


dschubba is the third star of the scorpion enemy of orion , of magnitude 2.30 and blue, it is located in the claws of the scorpion to the south B, is 402 light years of the earth, it is a blue giant 1530 times more luminous than our sun.


The month of November is the month of the Scorpia, a sign of water whose regent God is Pluto. These characteristics make the people of this sign are so tied to feelings and sensitivity . Although some manifest enormous will to power.

The Scorpian are not formed with a world full of appearance and that is why they are people who seek deepen and penetrate the mysteries of life and on the hidden side of it, they are very curious in That sense.

Hence a need to save secrets or reserve information on certain topics, thus being one of the most jealous with its intimacy . Just as they are people who know very well dodge approaches. In total secret.


We all know that each sign of the Zodiac has some individual characteristics that differentiate them from all the others. But it is also true that some share common traits and totally contradictory traits.

Some may be more emotional than others, more or less sociable, ambitious, passionate and a very long etc. often guided by their element: air, fire, earth or water.

compatibilidad de signos
compatibilidad de signos