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Welcome to Free Tarot Spread. The best portal for reading free tarot cards. Our spin system is the most effective on the net; since it works on all devices and goes at breakneck speed.

This website has been developed by experts in SEO and content writing. In this portal you will find the 3 main Tarot card spreads:

  • Free tarot lying: where the answers are based across the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, choosing 3 random cards from the displayed deck.
  • Free love tarot: the answers are also based on the 22 cards of the Major Arcana; but everything related to love. In this case, 4 cards must be chosen.
  • Yes or No Tarot: this type of cards is our favourite, it involves asking a question and choosing a card from the deck. The questions must be closed-ended, that is, the answer must be a "yes" or a "no", questions like "Where will I go on vacation next year?" I'm going on vacation next year?".

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We are also fans of the cosmos and constellations. We have a section that talks about each constellation; the stars that compose it as well as a bit of history about its mythology.

We also have another section where we explain a deep meaning of the 22 tarot cards: The Major Arcana . Each card has its peculiar meaning, also if it comes out frontally or backwards it also has a different meaning.

Another section is called "Groups" where we will leave several links to the most famous and serious Tarot groups and others for social networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

And last but not least: our Blog. Each article is focused on content based on specific user searches (key words). These words are basically words (forgive the redundancy) that people put in search engines like Google to look for various types of information related in this case as is normal with the tarot, love, health or money. But love takes the cake in this regard: the most famous articles are "How do you feel about me", "will my ex come back with me"... hundreds of articles where we will not stop publishing articles to help all those people who have concerns such as those already mentioned.

free tarot lying
tarot tirada gratis

Need an answer to your question? This free spin will answer all your questions.

free love tarot
tarot gratis amor

Are you worried about your love life? With this circulation we will solve your doubts completely free of charge.

tarot yes or no
tarot si o no

Do you want us to help you in your affective, personal and financial life? These cards will help you totally free.