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Ascendant in Taurus

ascendant in taurus

When speaking of the ascendant of a zodiac sign, reference is made to the star that is positioned at the precise moment of the person's birth. That ascendant is determined by knowing the exact date of birth as well as the exact hour and minute.

This ascendant sign will determine the personality, temperament and indicates the behavior and image that is projected to others. When talking about having the ascendant in Taurus, it describes a person who invests his time and energy in all those companies that are profitable.

In general, he loves all aspects of their lives, as well as greatly appreciating creating with his creativity. In interpersonal relationships, he likes to be a courteous and decent person, they are his main values. His efforts are focused on finding comfort and security.

People with Taurus ascendants

People with this ascendant are characterized by acting very harshly, but they act under the rules and parameters of what is correctly moral. He will always strive to achieve his goals, based on calm and maintaining the purpose, he is a person who ends everything that begins.

He only trusts his own experience, it is difficult for him to open up to others, especially on issues that could have a direct impact on him. He is usually a very harsh and rational person, he thinks everything very well before executing it.

When a person with a Taurus ascendant finds it difficult to change, they are reluctant to change things and turn around, they will only do so if they are sure that the necessary conditions exist for them to feel safe, reliable, and that the change will only bring greater well-being. .

They are very reliable people, strong by nature, although a bit slow to act. He will always look for the logic to everything that is raised and trying to explain everything that happens. A person with a Taurus ascendant is a planner, responsible for all aspects of his life.

Another of the characteristics of the ascendant in this sign is that he is a person who will take great care of his physical appearance, especially when it must be shown to the environment. The most curious thing is that he learns to use this appearance to achieve his goals, and he is learning it with the passing of time.

Taurus ascendant qualities

They are people who experiment with their personal self, they highly value who they are and what they represent, their most marked qualities are perseverance, self-assessment, they are very solid people with a vision rooted in values and morals. Other things to consider in a Taurus ascendant are:

  • As regards their relationships with other people, they may seem a bit inflexible in their treatment, and this is because they are people who set unique goals and that they must meet. Because they are people who prefer what is stable and durable, they may be perceived as not very versatile or lazy, because they are not fast and changeable. They are faithful, both in friendship and in love, just as they are faithful to themselves, who they want and what they are.
  • They are people with their own values that they adopt throughout their lives. When they see something of value to them, they will do whatever it takes to have it or get it. They have no problem with continuing projects that others have started, they can easily adopt it and make it their own permanently. The important thing is to have a goal and they will make an effort to achieve it, they do make an effort but with intelligence.
  • Taurus ascendants learn to advance on the path by saving effort and learning to use the resources they have. Once you are clear about where you want to go, you will begin the path to get there. Finally, these people have a purpose full of light and good energy, it is not based on the material.

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