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Facts about Scorpio and love

facts about scorpio and love

Ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto, Scorpio represents the eighth sign of the zodiac and its quality is fixed, that is, it is not a sign used to molding itself. People ruled under this water sign are characterized by being intuitive and imaginative.

Although there is a tendency to say that it is somewhat selfish, the truth is that they are really emotional and sensitive not only with themselves but with others. What if they cannot be denied is their power of concentration and growing intelligence that leads them to want to dominate and have power.

facts about scorpio and love

What month is Scorpio?

A person born between October 23 and November 21 is ruled by the sign of Scorpio. She is born with all the energy and character that this sign can offer, apart from elegance and distinction.

con quien se lleva bien escorpio

Who does Scorpio get along with?

Scorpio is a sign that gets along well with others of the same element, that is, with Cancer and Pisces. When you want to make a comparison of the type of water of each sign, you can relate Scorpio to the denseness of a swamp, Cancer to the elusiveness of a stream, and Pisces to the depths of the ocean. Any of these three characteristics makes Scorpio feel like a fish in water.

On the other hand, there are the earth signs, with whom he manages to establish a stable relationship, especially with Capricorn and Virgo.

facts about scorpio and love

What is a Scorpio man like?

The main characteristic that accompanies a Scorpio man is perseverance and dedication in the things he decides to do. When an idea has been established as a goal, there is no human power that prevents it from reaching it.

On the other hand, they are also cautious and reserved men, they do not tend to take a step without first knowing where to place the next foot and their plans are something that only they know, they are not usually very communicative.

In love, the Scorpio man is accommodating, he can be a bit rude in terms of treatment, however he tries to keep his lady happy and happy, he is dedicated and likes to offer that support that he thinks a man should give.

facts about scorpio and love

What sign does Scorpio get along with?

Scorpio gets along well with people who also share this sign, as well as with the other two water signs such as Cancer and Pisces.

His relationship with Capricorn and Virgo is pretty good and I can manage to get some peace with some air signs especially Gemini. However, the air signs are not to his liking. The same is true of the fire signs with whom they literally quickly collide when meeting and dealing.

facts about scorpio and love

How do Virgo and Scorpio get along in love?

Virgo and Scorpio make a very good combination because they are both reserved, quiet and withdrawn with their situations and plans. Reflection and spirituality is something that fills them up and attracts their attention.

If a problem were to arise in the relationship, the solution could be found quickly since the two signs are calculating and try at all costs to eliminate the problems that do not allow them to feel good.

A Virgo and Scorpio relationship is certainly something that could last many years or perhaps a lifetime. Solving problems and situations slowly but achieving a resounding success in the relationship.

facts about scorpio and love

What are Scorpio women like?

The Scorpio woman has determined characteristics, they are emotional beings and yet they try not to let these emotions lead them off the cliff, which is why they are considered controlling and dominant even with themselves.

In the labor area, they are leaders by nature, no situation tends to get out of hand and everything they undertake and decide to carry out is done with decision that generates a positive and satisfactory result, they are successful women.

In love, the Scorpio woman is sexy and attractive, she knows what she has to do to fall in love and what not. She likes to seduce and get what she wants. She is also often jealous and impulsive and her self-control doesn't work quite well here.

facts about scorpio and love

What planet rules Scorpio?

Scorpio is ruled by 2 planets Mars and Pluto. When a planet rules a zodiac sign, it determines its characteristics and way of being.

These represent spirituality and transformation in a radical way. This means that when Scorpio is transiting, the environment will feel desires of wanting to change and renew energy to generate new situations.

During this Scorpio transit, it is also important to pay attention to the spiritual desire that may appear, since this will lead to a growth in the level of consciousness.

facts about scorpio and love

Does Scorpio like affectionate women?

Totally, Scorpio is one of the most sexual zodiac signs that exist, however after all the sexuality, Scorpio likes to feel cared for and even more so by their partner.

Scorpio is normally quite protective and all that way of being dominant likes to be returned in the form of affection and love, it is their way of understanding that they are also important to their partner and are capable of providing the same attention and protection as they toast.

However, you have to be careful about the degree of affection that is offered since they are easy to tire and cloy, which is better to avoid.

facts about scorpio and love

What zodiac sign is Scorpio compatible with?

Scorpio has a very good affinity with other Scorpios. They manage to have fun, recognize each other, develop a healthy competition and this makes them have a good relationship, both friendship and love.

Other signs like Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo give you confidence and stability. If they need to trust someone, they will surely do so in people governed by these signs.

Now, if what Scorpio is looking for is to have fun and have a good time, then Gemini and Sagittarius can be good options, the extroverted way they are and the joy they manage to transmit is something that greatly relaxes Scorpios.

facts about scorpio and love

Does Scorpio like to be searched for?

Scorpio, like other signs such as Libra or Leo, are quite egotistical. This means that many of the things they do are done to satisfy their ego and increase their self-love and feed the screen that is offered to others.

That is why feeling that someone is looking for them makes them believe that they are important and the sensation that this generates is for them an elixir that they constantly want to drink.

facts about scorpio and love

What sign is Scorpio compatible with in love?

If Scorpio is willing to start a stable relationship, then it is best to do it with one of the water signs. These can be Cancer, Pisces or even Scorpio himself.

With Pisces you can develop an understanding of life that will make you meet and share better moments together. With Cancer it is often said that they find their soul mate, the spark that arises between them is from something from another world. With another Scorpio they can develop a quite strong and powerful psychic connection.

And if you want to get out of the areas of water, thinking about Capricorn, the earth sign, will be the best option. Since both fit in almost perfectly and between the two they generate ideas that not only help them grow in the relationship but also in the professional area.

facts about scorpio and love

Who does Scorpio make a good match with?

Without a doubt, Capricorn is the best option as far as a couple is concerned. Although it can also offer the opportunity to Virgo, a sign with which it combines very well and when they manage to establish themselves as a relationship then it is certain that they will last.

facts about scorpio and love

Is Pisces compatible with Scorpio?

Pisces and Scorpio they manage to have a good relationship. The stability of Scorpio is exchanged with the euphoria of Pisces and both achieve a balance that allows them to have a different emotional vision of love. Scorpio can offer the right dose of passion to the relationship and Pisces on their side offers romance, which fits the bill perfectly.

However, it is important that Scorpio manages to improve the desire to control everything, not doing so puts the relationship with the free Pisces at risk.

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