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How to ask Tarot questions?

how to ask tarot questions tarot

The tarot is a sacred instrument capable of helping you solve and guide you in the possible solutions, when you feel overwhelmed by uncertainty, of giving you possible predictions regarding different topics, it is a support and a spiritual guide for anyone. For these reasons and many others it is important to know how to ask tarot questions.

The arcana are the main messengers that are willing to help you see what you are not capable of realizing, they go far beyond the earthly plane. For this guide to work and to give you the answers you need, it is essential that you know how to use it and trust the energies that it emanates.

The quality of the question you ask is the quality of the answer that the arcana will give you and that depends a lot on how you formulate the question. The important thing is that the question you ask manages to create a connection between you and the tarot.

When you decide to consult the cards, it is important that you take a position of respect and great openness and gratitude towards the arcana, since each of them are messengers of the spiritual plane. This will open the possibilities for the information to be channeled in a positive way and you can receive the answers and blessings that will open your paths.

The data you must provide in a tarot consultation

When you are about to consult the arcana it is important that you give your personal data; first name, last name, date of birth, and if necessary the place where you were born, remember that they are spiritual angels that work based on your past and present.

The personal data will facilitate the intuitive connection that must exist between the arcana, the tarotist and you, the consultant. The full names provide a specific and unique connection for each person, and thus the tarot reader connects energetically, with the life path of the consultant, channeling all the necessary information that you are needing at that moment.

How to ask a quality question?

One of the most important conditions for a tarot reading to be effective is that the question you ask is a quality question, in order to obtain the correct answers.

It's important to know that the cards will answer you by virtue of how you phrase your question. This must be clear, concise so that your answer is of the same quality. If you ask a question in a general way, the answer will be in general terms, if the question is not enough, the answer will be the same, if your question is good, then the answer will be the best.

The best recommendation is that at the moment of consulting you ask a concrete and very specific question, detailing and focusing on the subject that you really want to know or deepen, this also It will help the tarot reader to focus his evidence and intuition on that particular case and not generalize, giving a vague answer.

Which questions work in a tarot reading

Which questions work in a tarot reading?

Since you already know the question you should ask the tarot cards, it should mainly be clear and concise. Some examples of questions that you could use to get the most out of the tarot answers are the following:

  • The questions of the tarot yes or no should be formulated in a different way, differentiated in order to obtain the best advice. For example, instead of asking: Is it going to work out or not? It would be convenient to consult: Would it work out for me if I try to look for a new job in another area?
  • The questions for the love tarot, are one of the most consulted and sometimes by not formulating it correctly the answer could be wrong, they must be as detailed as possible. An example question would be; Will my great love finally decide for me? It would be better to ask: Should I keep waiting for this person or should I be interested in another?

What questions should I not ask to tarot?

Just as there are very good questions to ask the tarot, there are others that the arcana cannot answer. For example when you ask specific health questions, specific names, places, lottery numbers or legal issues . For example, when you ask questions related to health or legal issues, they will recommend that you visit a professional in the area. The tarot reader can only advise you to seek professional help, be it a doctor or a lawyer.

To finish, the best advice to follow when asking the arcana about a specific topic is to sit quietly, take a deep breath and ask your interior What are the answers that you want the tarot to communicate to you, in order to be able to ask the right questions and open up a range of possibilities to expand your mind and heart. The most important thing is to be receptive in order to receive advice with your soul and spirit.