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Lack of respect in the couple

lack of respect in the couple

Your partner is one of the most important people for you, since they not only become your partner but also become your partner, your friend and even your confidant. The relationship you build with that person should be calm, based on respect and harmony, so that it can flow in the best way. But when there is a lack of respect between the couple, it seems like everything starts to fall apart.

When talking about respect, it is not only expected that there is no verbal or physical aggression, since there are other attitudes that are considered a lack of respect, such as mockery, criticism, among others. That is why it is important to know how to identify violence so that you can put a stop to it.

Ways to disrespect your partner

Not only bad words and blows are symbols of violence, there are other attitudes that could be violating your relationship. Some of the attitudes that you could base to know if you or your partner are violating your relationship are the following:

Teasing and put-downs

If teasing is constant in your relationship, either because of the way you think, your religious and political beliefs, your appearance and even the way you dress, environments of violence may be being created where the other person is affected by not fulfilling or being what is expected. Comments like: "what a fool, you never do things right", using sarcasm, etc., have a great negative charge that can affect the other person.

Destructive criticism

When criticism of the other appears, for example, messing with aspects of their person, with their appearance, with their way of dressing, etc. They can also be other types of criticism related to the economic situation of the other person, their cultural level, criticizing their attitudes, among other things. Many times the way of saying things to the other can be quite frivolous and hurtful and the intention with which things are said must be taken into account.

how to regain respect in a relationship
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Speak bad of the family

Family is a fundamental aspect for each person, they are the people who fill them with strength, love and love, so when you start to criticize the family of one of the two you could be hurting feelings from the other, because they feel vulnerable and affected by criticism of their loved ones.

Don't accept differences

A couple is two people who have decided to share their life despite having very different personalities. Violence begins when they begin to criticize each other's tastes to the point of judging them for having them and even messing with them.

The nicknames

It is very normal for couples to use nicknames to call them that and show affection, it becomes violent when on occasions these nicknames can be quite offensive for the other person and could damage their self-esteem of the other.

The lies

Lies within couple relationships are symbols that there is already a deterioration in the relationship, there is a huge lack of trust. When the couple constantly lies, it is evident that the pact of union and trust that must exist in any relationship is being violated for it to flow.

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Resort to name calling

When a couple gets upset they can offend and insult the other if they don't think before they speak. This lack of respect is quite serious since once you start insulting the other, it will be more and more difficult to put a stop to it and it could lead to physical violence.

Reveal each other's secrets

Another way to disrespect your partner or in which she may be disrespecting you is to tell others your personal secrets. Whether it's who it is, whether they tell their best friend, their family, or whoever it is, whether it's something that you've confided in them and you don't want anyone else to know, the fact The fact that I talk about it with someone else already implies a lack of respect.

It is always important, within any relationship, to be able to put yourself in the other's place, even if it seems difficult, since on some occasions you only care about your own interests, leaving aside the other.

In the case of the couple, being able to put ourselves in their place is something essential in the relationship, especially when we are talking about respect. It is highly recommended that empathy be practiced within the couple's relationship since in this way, over time the relationship can become increasingly solid and stable and all the attitudes that cause disrespect they will not exist.

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