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Sagittarius and his personality

sagittarius and his personality

Known as the adventurous sign, Sagittarians love to travel physically and mentally, being the son of the sun they have an open mind and can change perspective easily, they do this until they get the correct version that best suits their beliefs and with the most objective version possible.

They are people with a very open mind, they have a broad understanding of the diversity of people, countries and doctrines that exist in general, therefore, wherever they go they will fit in perfectly. They are people who have a deep respect for each other's spaces, which is why they take great care of theirs. They don't like to be cooped up at home, they like to go out and meet and that somehow recharges them with energy and makes them feel strong and confident.

They tend to be very independent, optimistic and very sincere, which is why they are very good friends and confidants, especially when you are looking for hope.

Their weakness is the lack of concentration, it is difficult for them to focus a little on things, thanks to their broad vision, paying attention to just one thing is a bit difficult for them. They are practical people, precise even with the things they say. They lack faith towards others, so it is very likely that they feel disappointed easily and to trust again, new, deeper ties must be generated.

Sagittarius relationships

A Sagittarius can become the ideal person that you will always want in your life, close to you, as long as you can offer rest to their adventurous soul, so they can develop patience and compassion for all those around them. They are incredibly positive people, they are great bearers of good and share it with the world and with other people, while fighting for shared beliefs.

They don't usually think things through before they say them and are generally known as tactless, not very tender people. His smile is contagious.

Sagittarius and his partner

They are not people who promise or can be in lasting relationships, unless they really get their soul mate, that person who gives true meaning to their life, which can be delayed thanks to their instability. They will try various relationships to differentiate practical love from imaginary. They need a person who motivates them to venture out or accompanies them on their own, since a static life is not an option for them.

Sagittarius and children

They are very curious children and with a big smile for everything, so it is difficult not to love them from the beginning. They are always ready to learn, grow and laugh at any situation. They are capable of telling you the things that you are doing incorrectly at the moment you least expect it, but they do it in the best way without hurting your feelings and making you feel bad. Once they find their devotion, they focus and will do everything necessary to achieve it, always maintaining the well-being of the people around them.

Sagittarius and parents

They are very playful parents with their children, they enjoy spending time between games with them, mainly because they always harbor their inner child in their spirit, so they will be flexible in activities with children, in terms of social life. The problem that can arise for them is dealing with false expectations, they need to see the world and that could give the family instability or in the worst case, wanting their children to only meet the expectations they have.

Sagittarius sexuality

It is a sign that by following Scorpio it seems to have all the sexual experience it takes to be completely satisfied. However, his nature and his great intellect will not silence the things of the heart. For this reason, this sign can have several insignificant relationships before reaching the right one and truly feeling love for someone.

Having a relationship with a person of the Sagittarius sign is an exciting experience, full of adventure but it can also become unstable, with passionate moments that complicate intimacy and the heart. They need someone to follow them in the search for their convictions and beliefs to begin to build trust and put out the fire, that will make room for their hearts.

Sagittarius and work

Once the Sagittarius feels the call of his passion, he will aim high and achieve it, he will achieve big things in his professional career. They may lose their way thinking about the things they must like and their eagerness to build a great image, this will make them feel dissatisfied and they will have to start from scratch.

They are not able to hold a boring job where they are not required, they will not always be in the same place unless they are constantly encouraged to learn new things. They will always give everything to achieve the success of others.

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