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Venus in Taurus

venus in taurus

Venus is known as the planet that symbolizes the constant search for harmony and it does so through relationships, love or the arts. When the zodiac signs transit, it is a symbol of desire, of what attracts and everything that involves loving situations.

When Venus is positioned in Taurus it implies the meeting of three feminine elements, since Venus is a feminine planet just like the earth, and the characteristics of the sign of Taurus is also a feminine element, three times feminine, so its where are the beauty, sensuality, calm, grace and above all fertility.

When Taurus is visited by Venus, they love comfort. They give priority to satisfying their 5 senses and their idea of the perfect night is a comfortable place, where they can enjoy good food and drinks, but the best is to enjoy time alone.

Those with Venus in Taurus

People who have the planet Venus in Taurus are people who are resistant to change, they feel too comfortable and established, so they stay in their comfort zone. They are constant and extremely loyal people.

They don't like being pushed to do things they don't want, for example to change. They are jealous people so their actions are authoritarian, especially with their partner when they feel threatened.

A person native to Venus in Taurus tends to run away from drama, they don't like it and they move away from people who are extremely superficial. They prefer to connect with people through touch, cuddling, touching, holding hands and giving massages and other pleasures that are more physical.

In friendship, he likes to share with people that he has the possibility of surrounding himself with many things and pleasures, where they feel comfortable. They are faithful, they will always lend you a hand when you need it and for whatever you need, they always like to share. They are reliable and will be there for whoever needs it.

They are adorable people, a very attractive quality for people who are looking for a stable and long-term relationship. Their enduring devotion, supremely respectful, and earthy sensuality.

When you fall in love with a person who is a native of Venus in Aries, to win their heart you must be very patient and let things unfold naturally and take their course. You must show great reliability and be willing to settle for the simple calm of a life together.

They have a strong sense of commitment, although they often seem conventional. Romantic, although in a more particular way, they give free rein to their partner with simple luxuries but with a lot of love. They are practical and take their relationships very seriously.

They will always look for security and they will look for other people to get it, it is their priority over other basic needs, such as emotional or spiritual ones. This can sometimes cause you to lose the nuances of relationships, which can turn into frustration.

They don't feel that need to rush or stress in most situations, they won't accept or seek change unless it's necessary. They tend to be very good with personal resources for which they will always choose the arts or music.

The person with Venus in Taurus has a very well developed taste for the simple and fine life. They are fun to be around and they know how to have a good time. They are generally cheerful and easy to get along with.

Venus in Taurus

When people have Venus in Taurus they develop a great sense of aesthetics, which is why it is usual to find it in great musicians, because they are people who are marked to be great musicians and composers. It may also be that acting and modeling favor them because they are very physically graceful. Do not forget that Taurus symbolizes the body.

They will stand out for their capacity for enjoyment, their voluptuousness is linked to the tangible and the visible. Every sensation and sense counts for them, so if you touch a native of this class, they will stay waiting for the second touch.

What you want to do for them on a material or spiritual level you can do, it will be welcome as long as they feel extremely comfortable.

Venus in Taurus for men

He is a man who loves women who are extremely feminine and is very attracted to the most beautiful women. A man with a great appetite for which voluptuous women with pronounced curves are his favorites.

He loves traditional and conservative women, as well as mother earth. He doesn't like his partner to be independent so he always tries to show himself at his command. Physical appearance is extremely important to them, as are manners, grooming, and cleanliness.

Venus in Taurus for women

They are women who are very confident in their physical and material appearance. They are lovers of beautiful objects, exquisite food and they do not like to share, so they tend to be very selfish. They value consistency and commitment. They will do whatever it takes to hold on to their partner, even if they are considered a bit slow at times.

They are classy women, they love long and expensive dinners for which they can dress up and stay for a long time to show off. If they commit to someone, they will be there even in the most difficult moments.

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