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Numerology 11

numerology 11

Using numerology you have the ability to discover who you are and what is the purpose of your life. Sometimes a number can govern your energy from birth and other times you can constantly meet another number just so you pay attention to a signal that the angels have for you.

Today we will talk about the number 11, this number is considered a master number and when it rules a person it does so from love and sensitivity. These people have a high knowledge of life and usually have a high level of consciousness.

numerology 11 meaning

Numerology 11 meaning

What does the number 11 mean?

Within numerology, the number 11 signifies clairvoyance, sensitivity, mystical knowledge and intuition. It talks about the possibility that a person has to learn and handle the supernatural planes of the world and life.

The spiritual world rules number 11 very well and when it becomes present it is for the person to begin to carry out an introspection work that leads them to raise their level of consciousness more and more, being able to intertwine in his being the masculine energy to reach fullness.

People ruled by this number have a wide notion of life and the mysteries that it hides. Clairvoyance is something that comes naturally to them, like intuition, they are collaborative spirits who manage to live in a positive way.

They are trustworthy beings who profess honesty and justice. When this quality is not taken advantage of, they can easily get lost in victimization since their love for collaboration leads them to think that everyone wants to use them in some way.

what does the number 11 mean in the path of life

What does the number 11 mean in the path of life?

When the number 11 is found in a person's life path, it prepares him so that when the time comes, an awakening of light and knowledge occurs in his being. The person has a call to altruism and that is why it is so natural for them to be collaborators.

This spiritual awakening usually a painful shock that breaks with all the structures that the person ruled by the number 11 learned as a child; however, when you wake up, you will see that it will all have been worth it.

what happens if my number is 11

What if my number is 11?

If your number is 11, you will be able to realize the path you have to walk and that your soul has already chosen since before coming into the world. A knowledge that you did not know you had will be awakened in you.

People whose number is 11 when they decide to carry out an introspection work become more sensitive to the energies of their peers, awaken the ability to understand the process of those who have not yet awakened and serves as teachers and guides.

numerology 11 master

Numerology 11 master

The number 11 as a teacher has a power of direction and guidance that goes hand in hand with knowledge and mysticism. Even if the person distances himself from the spiritual world, he will have the ability to solve problems and before the material and unconscious world he will be an intelligent leader.

But sooner or later the call of his soul leads him to wake up and fulfill his purpose of being a teacher and a collaborator in the world of light.

numerology name 11

Numerology name 11

Within numerology, when a person's name is governed by 11, it only speaks of a characteristic of her being. Explain that he must be a collaborator, a leader and a solver. These people sow and reap good friendships due to their easy inclination towards honesty and justice.