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Numerology 6

numerology 6

If you are a calm, homely and calm person, you may want to know what is the number that is in charge of ruling your life. Many times there are things that happen in our life that we do not know why and we can even discuss the fact that it is fair or not for us.

Numerology can answer many of these questions that sometimes does not allow us to sleep for so much thinking. The world moves by vibrations and each number represents a vibration, knowing them opens the door to knowledge, which allows us to understand things that sometimes we didn't even know existed within us.

numerology 6 meaning

Numerology 6 meaning

What does the number 6 mean?

The number 6 signifies virtue, beauty, union, sexual energy and feminine energy. This number has the strength to maintain the feminine energy present in different areas of life, which is why its presence develops art and represents all the subtlety that each soul has.

The meaning of the number 6 inclines the balance towards love, understanding and is typical of honest, kind, responsible and faithful people. People who emanate this vibration are considered caregivers.

what does the number 6 mean in the path of life

What does the number 6 mean in the path of life?

The path of life that the number 6 must travel is based on the fact of being able to maintain a balance. As these people are used to giving everything for their fellow men, they tend to be left with nothing for themselves. Finding the balance in all this is important, learning to respect yourself and be merciful to others to the extent that you are merciful to yourself.

Rectifying the soul of these people is often painful; However, when they receive the knowledge and practice it, they can come to feel love with much more intensity and in a purer way than they were used to.

which is the fate of number 6

What is the fate of number 6?

The destiny of the people who travel with the vibration that the number 6 emanates, have a job of self-assessment and end of dependency, both mental and emotional.

As in any number, there are two poles. One is in which the person forgets his being and dedicates himself to the outside world; In this case, the message of the 6th is to return to the path of self-knowledge and to learn to put yourself first.

The other pole is in which the person completely forgets about the properties that this number emanates and destiny is directed to recognize them in any way. It is when the soul rebels, creating chaos so that it can be heard.

number 6 personalities

Number 6 personalities

People ruled by the number 6 are loving, understanding, spiritual, fair beings, often introverted and deep.

These people have a lot of love to give to others, but they often make the mistake of not saving some of that love for themselves, which ends up creating chaos because in the end they attract their loved ones. lives, the emptiness and loneliness that they have inside.