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Numerology 9

numerology 9

All numbers have a root and a force. When your angels have decided to leave you a message, they can do it by vibrating a number, which is why you begin to see it everywhere, and by doing so it connects you with an inner force that you may not know how to explain.

If this has been happening to you with the number 9, then you should know the meaning it has, what is the path it governs and how it does to awaken your soul and you can know everything about yourself which is hidden.

numerology 9 meaning

Numerology 9 meaning

What does the number 9 mean?

The number 9 has an energy that leads to connect with universal love, that energy that makes every human being feel free and can enjoy even the things that are commonly are taken as simple.

Wisdom and perfection are related to this number because both qualities are linked with love. This number symbolizes the inner light that moves around the common good, an awakening of consciousness that serves as a flame for the awakening of others and that teaches that there is no duality in the world, that we are a whole.

what does the number 9 mean in the path of life

What does the number 9 mean in the path of life?

In the path of life the number nine represents freedom, but a mental freedom that makes the path of the other prioritize to produce an awakening for him. This number is surrounded by integrity and whoever lives it feels and enjoys their desires but loses focus quickly when another person needs help.

Philanthropy and altruism are natural currents of those who live the number 9, they tend to feel an inexplicable desire to share the love and plenitude that the truth of totality offers.

characteristics number 9 numerology

Features number 9 numerology

This number has several characteristics, among them are the following.

People governed by this number are usually those who like to be humanitarians, who fight for life and justice. They have the ability to understand the situation of the other, put themselves in their shoes and empathize with the situations that the other person lives.

However, they do not fall into the egotistical desire to dominate the external nor to influence processes. From across the street you can support others and that is often what you are allowed to do for the universe.

cycle 9 numerology

Cycle 9 numerology

The cycle that this number fulfills helps to close the doors that have been left open without letting the person move forward. It is the force that creates something new from a greater knowledge and slowly weighs down the things of the past.

When a person feels this number strongly, it is because inside there is a call to overcome things and move on. But this overcoming is far from hiding emotions, rather it is a call to feel and see how love is reborn from the inside to change from the inside out.

numerology 9 personality

Numerology 9 personality

The personality of those who vibrate with the number 9 is usually sensitive, calm and quiet. They are people who have the ability to feel what others feel and therefore do not usually create judgments or offer.

This noble characteristic makes the person forget about himself and his wishes at the same time. On the one hand it is good, since he genuinely enjoys it, but the fact of not focusing on his human side makes him escape from responsibilities that help him grow and increase his level of consciousness.

numerology 9 mission of life

Numerology 9 life mission

This number as a life mission is given in a way that is compromising with humanity. His mission is to make others see the way and most of the time he does it unconsciously.

He does all this activity selflessly and when helping others he can see himself through them, which helps him get to know himself more and more, identifying his mistakes and mistakes which leads him to have more wisdom.

In the area of money, this mission knows how to get it and keep it, it is not stingy and herein lies the stability that many maintain. Although sometimes being so dedicated to humanity usually leads to financial problems.

Those born under the number 9 are artistic people, philosophers, poets, scholars, constant seekers of truth and spirituality, who seek the development of consciousness and achieve plenitude.

Like everything, it has a negative side that has to do with the ego. Being very wise people, they can fall into arrogance at times and if they completely stray from the path of love, they can become pathological narcissists.

numerology 9 in love

Numerology 9 in love

In love, people who vibrate with the number 9 usually live without ties and offer their partner this freedom. Tranquility and dedication is what governs the relationship, they feel so confident and calm that they could become disinterested if they don't realize it.