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Compatibility of signs

sign compatibility

Each sign of the zodiac is marked by its element and characteristics, which can define a person who belongs to it. The zodiac signs mark certain personality traits that make you closer to each other; hence the need to find a compatibility of signs.

There are signs with which you feel you can get along very well and with others you feel a constant clash and this is because each sign has an ideal complement in friendship and love. Know what your sign compatibility is; with whom the chemistry is undeniable and others with whom the relationship is impossible.

How compatible are you with other signs?

Astrology has perfectly studied each of the signs, highlighting personality, behaviors, defects, etc. and they have analyzed the compatibility of each sign. Knowing which sign you are compatible with and which ones you are not will help you establish strong relationships or avoid certain behaviors that cause you discomfort with other people.



Those of the sign Aries feel more affinity with those of the sign of Aquarius and Gemini because they are very energetic, impulsive and passionate people, so the things they do together they will go in the same tune.

They are very good at befriending the signs of leo and sagittarius, totally adventurous, daring and intellectual signs. Aries is usually romantic with Libra, and they tend to have very passionate relationships.

They will be difficult to establish a good relationship with people of the cancer sign, due to the temperament of both. It would not be a good idea to combine it with Capricorn either, since they are more serious and rational.



It is usually a sign compatible with Cancer and Pisces, they share the same feeling of fidelity and understanding, they are sensitive and calm signs. Love relationships are better with Scorpios since they tend to be very passionate.

They have a good friendship with Virgo and Capricorn as they can understand each other with few words. Being a possessive sign, Taureans do not get along with Leo.



When air and fire come together, a great explosion of desire is generated, that happens with Gemini and Leo. For friendship, Gemini is compatible with Libra and Aquarius, they like challenges, are fun and curious.

With Sagittarius he is capable of establishing very passionate relationships, which should not necessarily be long-lasting, because they are unstable together. They stay away from Virgo and Gemini people because they are very introverted.



People of the Cancer sign are characterized by being people with deep emotions and need security, which is why they have a lot of chemistry with Virgo and Taurus, earth signs. p>

Cancer are great friends with Scorpio and Pisces due to the emotional and affective feeling that can unite them. Capricorns are irresistible to the sweetness of Cancer, they fall madly in love.

Resentment, laziness and mood swings make Cancer and Libra have a chaotic relationship, just as with Aries they cause imbalances and instability.



Lions are good talkers with Libras as they both know how to keep the scales balanced. With Geminis they enjoy meetings and social life. They are able to share the fun with people of the sign Aries and Sagittarius.

The lion tends to feel more attracted to Aquarius people, who also love the lion's fieryness. Because of that brightness, they do not usually get along with Taurus, since the bull is always "with his feet on the ground".



Virgos are quite distrustful, which is why they establish the best relationships with Scorpios and Cancer, signs that easily open their hearts. They are good friends with Capricorn and Taurus because they know what they want.

For their part, the relationship with Pisces is one of calculated passion, full of warmth and sweetness, combined with attention to the smallest detail. With Geminis the discussion is always about who has the last word, since both are governed more by the intellect than by feelings.



They are able to seduce Leo and Sagittarius, two fire signs. They are passionate, dreamy and have a strong personality, characteristics that Libra loves.

To establish a friendship they will always go to Aquarius and Gemini, being of the air element and, therefore, curious, fun and sociable.

Like Cancer , they are demanding in coexistence and like to do things their way, which is why their relationship is difficult. Although not as much as with Capricorn, who stands out for having a much stronger authority.



Scorpios tend to be passionate and have strong emotions, which is why they are better compatible with Capricorn and Virgo. With Pisces and Cancer they can be good friends, confidants and understanding, although these signs must take care not to hurt the scorpio with his instability. In passion, they are magnets with bullfights: they attract each other even if they don't want to.

But the possession of the Scorpio is not compatible with the freedom of Aquarius, since they are very distrustful and analyze in depth.



Their open minds attract them; That happens with Sagittarius and Aquarius and Libra. With Aries and Leo they are inseparable friends, also compatible for any creative activity.

On the other hand, the air and vitality of Geminis next to the fire of Sagittarius explode with passion, although the inconstancy of both can turn them off quickly. Finally, those of Sagittarius are very idealistic and restless, they can even be capricious, for the realistic and practical Virgo, for which they do not usually get along very well.



His sensitivity makes him totally compatible with Scorpio and Pisces, due to the fear of being hurt.

They get along well with Taurus and Virgo because their similar interests unite them deeply. In passion, attraction subjects them to Cancer. On the contrary, his persevering, prudent and methodical character is not complemented by the risky, impatient and disorderly Aries.



Being original, unpredictable and passionate, the Aquarian is compatible with Aries and Sagittarius , with whom he enjoys incredible adventures. With their friendly attitude and creative ideas, Aquarians are confidants of Geminis and share many intellectual interests with Libras.

It is original, progressive and innovative, totally opposite to the conservative, traditional and everyday Bullfighting. He also does not get along well with Scorpio because he cannot understand his freedom or impulsiveness.



Pisces are very compatible with Capricorn and Taurus, who transmit security and confidence to these legal and home-based dreamers. They are very romantic, thoughtful and sweet. With Cancer and Scorpio they are great friends and share a free and artistic spirit.

With Virgo the relationship is passionate, contrary to the bond with Sagittarius, who stands out for his more shy, calm and spiritual character. Pisces are pure emotion, tenderness and dedication, which is why they do not get along well with Geminis, who are rational, logical and dispersed.