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Capricorn and his personality

capricorn and his personality

Ambition and discipline go hand in hand in the Capricorn personality, in addition to enjoying extraordinary patience, which makes him a constant person to achieve his goals. He has a great ability to plan his movements in advance, which is a good strategy to meet all his goals, especially in the field of work.

They are confident and dedicated people, although it is very difficult for them to open up to their environment, but over time they become stable and loyal beings in the relationships they decide to start. Thanks to that patience and resistance, very few things are seen as impossible, and they go to all lengths to achieve them.

Because they are such methodical and planned people, their goals are established from their head and not from their heart, which is why they sometimes need that impulse from the depths. By detaching themselves from their emotional needs, and only worrying about the image they will project to the world, they may begin to feel dissatisfied and even grumpy, no matter how successful the outcome is.

That lack of compassion that they sometimes show comes from the same dissatisfaction that they sometimes feel, and they seem cold, distant and even separated from others. They will achieve what they propose without caring about others, their direction and objectives have to be marked by their creativity and their true personality so that their achievements have true meaning.

Capricorn relationships

Forming a relationship with a Capricorn can be very difficult, they are the masters of practical things, so it is difficult for them to enter into the whole process of opening up when a new person comes into their lives, which makes them closed, distant people. , and sometimes impossible to reach.

They are not people who easily show what they feel, regardless of how broken they are inside, in order to strengthen good ties with a person, they will let a lot of time pass and they will not do it until they are sure that they will not be betrayed.

They are people who with the passage of time become more cautious, although that does not limit them to be happy, feel joy and experience the fast relationships of youth.

Capricorn and his partner

When Capricorn is looking for a sentimental partner, he will always opt for that person who shows his absolute dedication to him, as well as great moral values, independence and a great emotional base. It is not easy for them to find that person with whom to share their heart, but when they decide they become good husbands and companions for a long time.

When they are with the ideal person, they are people who love to surprise their partner, they become thoughtful and romantic people; from cold and distant they become warm and very friendly. Capricorn people build big walls around their hearts, so they need people who are patient and willing to climb them to see who they really are.

Capricorn and children

In a simple way, the children of Capricorn are usually one of the most difficult, especially if they have liberal and carefree parents, since it will be very complex to understand their character, because it will be the children who want to introduce discipline at home.

In general, they will have a very complex and difficult relationship with their parents and the key to solving it is to work on their ego and self-esteem from the beginning. It is recommended that they use self-criticism, since they will take each comment very seriously, and they will take the time to process it and put it into practice. They need a lot of patience, playfulness and nurturing to be able to socialize well and learn the positive aspects of life instead of going from pointless cause to cause.

Capricorn and parents

As parents, people of the Capricorn sign are well educated in their duties and what being a parent means, but they tend to trust outdated parenting methods, which can be a mistake. They tend to be strict and very rational parents, which is not always right with the sensitivity of children, due to all the emotional attention they always need.

They are very responsible and very reliable parents and when they manage to create emotional bonds they tend to be incredibly solid parents, they give the necessary support so that their children grow up emotionally solid.

Capricorn sexuality

As already said, the representatives of the Capricorn sign are cold and distant people, as if life had taken it upon themselves to teach them that one should not trust others, much less show their emotions. This can make them come across as calculating and cold and distant.

Once they fall in love and manage to create a sincere intimacy they are able to offer real stability and security. Surprisingly, they are people who are willing to experiment with sexuality. As long as it is in the privacy of the couple, they do not like to show or tell the things that happen behind closed doors.

They value the true intimacy that is buried and hidden from everyone, even their own partners, and it's not easy to find common ground when it comes time to show your affection.

Capricorn and work

They are very ambitious people and in the search for success they are aware of the consequences of their actions. They will always aim high, so they don't shy away from hard work. They always show initiative to work while being very reliable, although sometimes not at the pace of work that is demanded of them. They need time to finish the processes of your mind and they give results of a deep quality and solid foundation.

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