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Mercury in Aries

Mercury in Aries

Did you know that knowing the ascendant that is in your sign can decipher several key aspects of your personality? And it is that it even influences the levels of intelligence and creativity of an individual. Knowing if Mercury is in your birth chart can tell you about many things, he is even capable of telling you when a person is inclined to tell the truth or prefers to lie.

The natives who have Mercury in Aries ascendant are people who think with great agility, but who have very little patience to study every aspect of a problem or a situation, they are more than make decisions at the moment and tell you bluntly, they are considered very direct people, always go to the point.

Although in some cases they may seem rude and even aggressive, what really happens is that they look for ways to avoid having their ideas questioned, they are like children, who very rarely accept that people disagree with what they think, leading them to act out of frustration. When Mercury rises in Aries he describes a person who is very attached to his ideas.

Characteristics of the descendants of Mercury in Aries

They are people who are very logical and rational in terms of their learning, which means that they do not seek to get entangled in details but rather want the core of the information. They will always take what they want, what is valuable to them, and throw the rest away.

They have a certain charm that makes them seem innocent and they always go in search of new things with great enthusiasm, even if they feel that it was not the best for them. If you criticize an Aries with Mercury offspring, it is very likely that they will take it personally and not as advice. They will not be afraid of confrontation in order to defend what they think. Although they are very idealistic people, they are extremely intelligent.

They can quickly switch from one idea to another if the latter seems exciting to them. They are motivators and birth promoters, so they can easily persuade other people to follow their ideas, making it sound fun and a good plan. Competition with others is usually enjoyed to the fullest, because they may argue an idea just to compete.

Mentally they are very agile people and above all with their feet firmly planted on the ground. If you find an obstacle in your path or in the development of a plan or project, this can be very frustrating for them, which can affect other areas of your life, such as communication.

They may not be people who concentrate on something for long periods of time, and this may lead them to jump to hasty and impulsive conclusions. They can be great conversationalists if they are really interested in delving into the subject, if they feel that it will bring some fruit for them.

They won't shake their pulse to speak their mind in the most direct way, which helps them win arguments, even with their loved ones. If you don't control yourself and learn to say things, you may be seen as an insufferable know-it-all and even irritating. But contradictorily this can be a reason to inspire others.

They are original people and tend to stand out in their jobs, if they really like what they do. It is a great challenge for them to learn to love and learn from the details, so that they can go ahead and develop a great project.

They lack the tact to say things, which makes them seem restless and full of nervous energy. They need to be busy, and do things their way, they don't like being told what to do.

They are great leaders, thanks to the enthusiasm and energy they transmit, which can make them have followers at their feet.