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Celtic numbers

celtic numbers

One of the oldest cultures, which became a whole mythology, is the Celtic that comes from the Celtic peoples who made Life across Europe in the Iron Age. Loaded with a dominant culture and strong beliefs, today they continue to have thousands of followers around the world; and many of us know the meaning of the Celtic equivalence numbers.

To learn a little more about this culture, you need to learn about Celtic numbers and their equivalence, since these symbols represented their entire belief and culture. According to his philosophy, these symbols were used as amulets and acted as a channel to reach the gods that governed them.

The spirals were the most represented forms among them, since they symbolize growth, the passage of time, expansion, among others. These symbols were commonly stems in rocks or metals that ensured their preservation over time.


Symbols of Celtic culture

What are the Celtic symbols?

The Simple Spiral | Double Spiral | Triquel | Awen | Triquetra | Sun Cross | Celtic Cross | The Tree of Life | The Celtic Knot | tetraskel | Wheel of Being | Pentagram.

The simple spiral

the simple spiral

Represented with a simple spiral, this symbol symbolizes the sun and what it entails, growth, the reincarnation of a new being, expansion throughout the territory which is encompassed in an endless cycle and eternal life.

There are two ways to read these spirals, if it points to the right it expresses the winter sun and if it points to the left it shows what the summer sun means.


double spiral

Within Celtic numerology it represents the number two and the duality of things, balance and growth. It also makes a clear reference to the Ying and Yang of Eastern culture, much used to balance good and evil. The double spiral was also used to represent the phenomena of the equinox.



The carving of this symbol is one of the most typical and well-known, and represents the cycle of life, evolution and growth. This beautiful and particular spiral is formed by three arms, which each form a spiral at the end.

Within Celtic culture the number three was a magic number, due to everything it represented; the land, the sea and the sky, which is why it was so important in the culture of the people.



In Gaelic it means inspiration, and represents the harmony (this would be the central line) between opposites (which would be the lines on the right and the left) and the communication between who wears it and the rest.



As well known as the triquel, the triqueta is a lucky charm that represents the holy trinity, as well as the triple dimension of the feminine divinity. Many people translate it into the relationship that must exist between body, soul and mind.

Solar Cross

solar cross

Also called Odin's cross, it is considered the oldest spiritual symbol in the world, and derives from pre-Christian times. It represents the solar calendar, each of its quadrants being a season of the year.

Celtic Cross

celtic cross

It is a religious symbol of worship and protection, formed by combining the Christian cross with a circle that surrounds it.

As with virtually all Celtic symbols, there are various theories as to their meaning. One of them is that its four extremes represent the four cardinal points, another that they are actually the four elements (earth, air, water and fire) and if you want to see what they represent in the tarot, look at our post: Tarot 4 elements.

The tree of life

the tree of life

This symbol shows the world of the spirits, in its figure the branches reach the sky while the roots sink until they reach the world of the dead. Nature was something very important to the Celts, so this tree was sacred and many rituals took place under it. It also represents the well-being and integrity of the Celtic towns.

The celtic knot

the celtic knot

The Evergreen Celtic Knot is a very famous Celtic symbol of the history and culture of the Celts. It is widespread in various art forms due to its universality, with nodes ranging from simple to complex.

The basic symbolic meaning associated with this node is quite simple: interdependence. The Celts strongly believed in the intertwining of life and eternity in the Evergreen Celtic Knot.



It is a spiral with four arms, united once more by the center, which is where it originates. These arms are represented both curved and straight.

It is a solar symbol that is once again attributed to protection, it is also known as the swastika. As I said before it represents the four points of the earth. Some say that it represents air, earth, water and fire, but it must be remembered that for the Celts fire was not sacred, it only provided purification.

Wheel of Being

wheel of being

Similar to the tetrasquel, it is represented with four circles, referring once again to the four directions of the earth, although in this peculiar symbol it has a fifth circle in its center as a nucleus that unites them.

It symbolizes the path of our own being, the central circle referring to our SELF, and the four paths we can take. Although sometimes it is also represented with the number five for its five circles that complement it.



The five-pointed star fixes its ends in the five elements of the universe. They have continuity thanks to the protective circle around them, and everyone, even if they are different, has the same nucleus and birth.

Symbol of great weight for your protection, also representing paternal or maternal love towards your family and children.

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