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How to make a love wish and have it come true?

how to make a wish of love and that it come true

Surely at some point in your life you have wanted to make a wish or have even dared to do so, even if you do it with little confidence because you think it only happens in movies. But the truth is that this is a fairly general opinion, since everything resides in what we ask of the universe. But in this case we are going to focus on how to make a love wish and have it come true.

How to make a wish and have it come true instantly?

Love is one of the genuine desires and feelings that a person can generate, which is why it is so common that a desire to be with that person the one you love.

First of all, the first thing you must take into account, for your desire for love to work, is that we must establish correct communication with the universe, so that everyone process in which the request is developed is correct and can be successful.

You could also help yourself with a ritual or spell, which together with the energies of the universe and the longing of your heart, will make your desire for love come true.

ask the universe

Ask the Universe

How to make a wish to the universe and have it come true?

You will surely know that the universe receives and delivers everything that your energies are capable of asking for, without an explicit request. Asking the universe for a love wish is one of the simplest and most effective things, since it has all the power to put and take away what you want so much.

how to make a love wish and have it come true

Ask for it first

Although it seems very obvious, the first thing you should do is ask for your love wish, which does not necessarily have to be explicit, here the essential thing is that you create a link with the universe forming an invisible unit, so life will already know what you want without having to say it out loud. You can also use wish candles.

Day after day we are completely exposed to various feelings, emotions that the universe perceives and in this way knows what happens to each one. For example, if you have a discussion with someone and we are loaded with negative feelings, the universe immediately absorbs your energy, if you go down the street and you like something, that positive energy is consumed by the universe, and that's the way it is with everything.

This way the universe knows when you are in love, when you like someone and when your only desire is to be with that person. That is why it is not necessary to say it verbally but to feel it and desire it so much with your heart that the universe knows what you want the most.

Listen carefully

Listen carefully

Once the universe knows what your desire for love is and what your heart really longs for, the next thing you should do is wait for the answer from the universe, although it seems difficult, it will always look for the answer. way to answer.

Here you should be very attentive to what the universe has to tell you. To do this, the first thing is to keep quiet, leave the recurring requests and feel it, the universe listened to you and is working on them, so it is necessary to remain silent in order to hear what it has to tell you.

Don't be impatient for the time, for the form or if the message he wanted is not exact to what he is telling you, the universe will know if that person you love so much is the right one or No, to understand his answer you must understand that the universe has a broader vision than you can have, so he will know the right moment and the answer you need.

It is time to act

It's time to act

The universe, no matter how wise it is and knows how to decipher what your heart really desires, also expects you to act in favor of what you want, to have a positive attitude and demonstrate with real actions that it is that person you love and long for.

It often happens that people who ask the universe for love wishes just sit and wait for that day to arrive, without working, without acting in the present and they stay hoping for a positive future by magic. Well, that's not how it works, it's also about working and fighting for what your heart longs for.

Help yourself with a spell

Help yourself with a spell

The white magic spells or rituals are an ancestral aid where the universe also takes part, since the energies are also sent to it. That is why doing a ritual is not necessary when making your wish for love.

Spell to make love wishes

Spell to make love wishes

You will need:

  • Large white paper
  • Red pen
  • Bay leaves
  • Large white candle

The first thing to do is write on the paper the 10 love wishes you need. Remember that those desires have to be born from the heart. Otherwise, the spell will not work.

Once the wishes have been written, each one separately, you will have to go to the chosen place to perform the ritual. There you have to light the only white candle. And you will have to break the first request for love.

You have to tear off a piece of paper. Once that piece of paper with the love wish is torn, you must put it next to the candle. And put a dry bay leaf on top and then you will pour the hot melted wax to seal your love request.

You'll have to do it with all the wishes, and you'll have to do the same. You have to do it for 10 days, which means your requests for love.

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