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Free friend tarot

free friend tarot

Not only love, fortune and destiny are key themes within a reading of cards where the arcana interpret the signs of Your future. The free friend tarot is a reading that focuses on answering everything related to your friendships.

Hasn't it happened to you that you have argued with a good friend? Or do you simply distance yourself from those people that life has given you as friendly brothers? Especially when the problems are not as evident as in a heated discussion.

The tarot is a reading of cards of the arcana that will help you to dazzle those inconveniences or confusional situations that usually originate in any relationship of companionship. The reliability of the answers thrown by the friend tarot will depend on the energy with which you visualize the questions to the situation you want to clarify and the connection you make with the seeker.

tarot friend yes or not

Tarot friend yes or no

At the end of this article we leave you some questions that you can consult the tarot friend yes or no of which some may have closed answers (yes or no). But first let me explain how our yes or no tarot reading works. At we have one of the most effective systems for you to ask a question to the tarot. You can ask almost anything; but have an affirmative or negative answer. It is possible that our spread will give you a "The cards are in doubt, formulate the question in another way". In that case you should repeat the roll after a few minutes; but with a bit more relaxation and thinking deeply about your question; Use the power of your mind. Write the question in the text box and choose a card again.

when to consult the tarot friend

When to consult the friend's tarot?

The spread of cards is a guide instrument that you can consult whenever you think you need your help, remember that the arcana will guide you and they will show you situations that you normally cannot identify.

Whether or not you have a problem with a friend, you can consult what the oracle has to tell you. The problems are not always understandable, or the cause or reason that produced them is known, there are situations that generate friction that progresses but also generate distances between friends to the point of wearing down the relationship.

There are other situations where the problems are very evident and it is known what caused them, but even so it is not known how to solve them, this is where the tarot can intervene to help you and see that invisible solution for you.

The tarot is a tool that guides you and shows you how to fix situations in particular events that you cannot see, but if you lack the will or do not have the desire or disposition to solve the problems problems, the situation remains as it is.

free friend tarot

Prepare for a friend tarot spread

As has always been said the more positive energies and concentration you have when consulting the tarot, the more specific and concise will be the answer you will get. You must be focused and projecting yourself towards what you really want to have, remember that your energy influences more than you can imagine, especially in a card reading.

The best thing is to be in a quiet environment, where you can breathe peace and you can concentrate on each of the rolls you make. Focus on that person and on that situation that you want to solve, yes, it is recommended that you do not think about anything specific about him or her.

Ideally, the concept and judgment you have about this friend should not influence the reading of letters, although it is somewhat difficult to achieve. If you consult the tarot (any) it is because you are needing another opinion, another point of view, an impulse that you need to solve a situation.

That is why it is necessary to be willing to listen and interpret what the cards have to tell you and not only what you want to hear. If all you want is to reaffirm your position on a particular issue, then don't throw away the tarot cards.

On the other hand, if you are looking for help, advice, or a second opinion about the relationship you have with a particular person, then you have come to the right place.

Free your mind, let the tarot cards do their work and you can finally get the right answer. Don't expect the answer to be what you want to hear, take the advice as it's given.

 What can I ask the tarot friend

What can I ask the tarot friend?

There are many types of spread within a tarot consultation that can range from a simple spread of three cards to a complete consultation of 9 positioned cards, the type of spread or the type of question will be more effective depending on the clarity and precision with which you define the situation.

In the tarot spread you can ask anything, as long as it is concise and is not surrounded by situations that are difficult to explain. Here is a list of possible questions you can ask:

  • What does my friend bring me?
  • What kind of person is my friend?
  • How does it affect me if I end my friendship with...?
  • How to avoid making mistakes with people?
  • How do I approach a difficult subject with my friend...?
  • Is my friend...a friend for life?
  • I just made a new friend. Is it suitable for me?
  • Will I make new friends soon?
  • Is my friend faithful to me...?
  • Will I make peace with my friend...?
  • YES or No?

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