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Cross cartomancy


The crossed cartomancy is one of the methods that will help us guess and know what the future holds for us. >, but also related to past events that perhaps aren't clear enough to you.

Since its appearance, fortune-telling cartomancy has been a spiritual movement that has not stopped growing, and in which hundreds of people rely daily to find an answer, advice and a guide that will help them. take by the hand.

The success of a crossed tarot reading lies in the connection and spirituality that is conceived at the time of the consultation, a connection that must be made between the consultant and the cards (minor and major arcana).

Looking for the future

A spread of cards for divinatory purposes is a portal, a window into the future knowledge that you long to know; Will I get a job? Will my husband leave me? Will I marry my boyfriend? What does fortune hold for me? how many children will i have? These are some of the most recurring questions that the stars usually answer for you.

The art of crossed cartomancy allows you to know the answers of the future but at the same time relates it to events from your past, channels the energies existing in you and combines them with your present in order to be able to give a concrete and really satisfactory answer.

In this type of spread you can ask a little more open-ended questions, more complete about a situation or a specific event, because their answers are usually interpreted based on the results of the three moments of your life; present, past and future.


How do you read the cross tarot?

This spread can be made with the 78 tarot cards where the major arcana and minor come together. Only three cards are used that collect the facts of your past, present and future and that in the end will answer all your questions based on crossed cartomancy.

The letter from the past

The first card that you are going to choose tells us about the past, it lets us know where you started from, what you have achieved and what you have learned strong>, the transcendental people for you, those who abandoned you and those who have continued with you. The situations that shaped the people you are today and how you acted in those specific moments.

The arcana know the details and they transmit them to you in a way that is a learning message and collects the most important experiences for you, because it is what has led you to become the person you are today.

This reading is very important because on many occasions it shows you events, situations or cycles that you have not finished closing or assuming.

Your present

It is an account of your day-to-day life, where the query that is being made is being executed, where you are already practically participating in that present and as such, you can live it and you are able to make changes in the same.

It is where we must act and where the efforts that you are willing or not to make to improve the answers will be reflected. Here is your opportunity, your special moment in which to transform the answer you are looking for.

Seeking answers, your future

Your answer, what you want to know, the projection of your current performance, what will come, the future and most importantly how to face it in an assertive way.

This is the answer you are looking for, what the cross cartomancy consultation offers you, what gives you the reading of cards based on the interpretation of the message that the arcana have for you.

Is the answer good? You do not like? Is it what you want? Is it what you expected? Well, the future that comes for you depends on what you are doing at the moment, your fourth letter gives you the option to change it, it is your responsibility, it is your decision, it is the next step important because it will determine the actions you will take to get the result you want so badly. If you look at the answers to these questions, they are affirmative or negative, and the best tool for this is the yes or no tarot.

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