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Free Tarot love 3 cards

free tarot love 3 letters

Love, one of the purest feelings and at the same time the most painful when it is not reciprocated. Who hasn't given all their heart, has shared unforgettable moments and dreamed of a future with that person you love so much. You can use the free 3 card love tarot to help you.

Whatever the situation, love always generates doubts, questions; Is he in love with me?, who will be my true love?, why has my partner changed?, when am I going to get married?, is he cheating on me? my partner? And like these, thousands of more questions always arise around love.

Questions that in a logical way may not have answers but that the stars will be able to answer you with a free 3-card love tarot reading, the perfect tool to dazzle the path you are traveling or will travel with the person you love.

The 3 tarot cards

One of the most popular card readings in the world of tarot for being simple and accurate, its prediction method is based on the interpretation of three cards, from the tarot deck, preferably from the Marseille tarot, one of the most complete for this type of spread, due to its broad astrological power.

The generic level of the answers provided for questions about the past, present and future makes it a tarot that needs a complement to obtain more information about any matter. That is why it is very common to use it together with the Oracle Tarot.

In order to clearly understand the three card tarot, it is necessary to know how to interpret and know all the tarot cards. Know what the major and minor arcana tell you and above all combine the energies that each of the cards gives off.

free tarot love 3 cards

The tarot of the 3 cards in love

Asking questions to the arcana regarding love has become one of the most common queries, perhaps due to how passionate and emotional human beings are, who at the same time are always curious to know what tomorrow holds for them

The 3-card love tarot, as its name suggests, is a consultation of three cards, past present and future, where each of them will be the representation of an arcane that will reveal your emotional and sentimental state.

  • The first arcana of the spread is the one that will tell you about your sentimental and emotional state in the passage and how this has influenced your current stability. It will reveal your past failures, your unrequited love and those you did not reciprocate, your personality in the face of love and how you act in moments of maximum happiness and extreme sadness, and that you have not been able to and have influenced what you you have converted.
  • The second card in the tarot , is of equal importance, it reveals the state of your environment, your energies up to date and how it influences your relationship, if your love is reciprocated and if what you are giving and receiving is enough. This will guide you in the decisions of your next actions to improve or change your current situation.
  • The last and third arcane is key to answering your question, since its interpretation will tell you where you are going and what you will achieve, if your partner really has a good future or if you should change course to achieve true love, it will interpret future signs to clarify the path of the steps you will take to achieve full happiness with the person you are or will be with.

Each of the three cards represents a moment in the timeline and they all form a complete interpretation to answer your question. The first card talks about the past, the second about the present (and relates it to the past) and the third about the future (and indicates the final result or answer to your problem).

What should I ask the 3 tarot cards?

When you consult the 3-card tarot, in matters of love it is best to ask questions that are established in a continuous timeline, for example; Will I find a partner? Is my husband cheating on me? Will I marry my fiancé? Will my boyfriend ask me to marry him? Will my husband leave me?

In short, the free 3-card love tarot is one of the most popular divination methods because of its ease of use but not because of its ease of interpretation. That is why it is essential to know how to interpret each of the cards on your timeline.