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Meaning of Tarot cards

meaning of tarot cards

The art of cartomancy, one of the oldest in the world, is a spiritual guide that allows you to know future energies through the interpretation of the 78 cards that make up a deck. Each one has a different interpretation, depending on the context and position. That's why I'm going to teach you the meaning of the cards of the tarot

A deck of tarot cards is made up of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. Each card has a different meaning that goes according to the symbology it represents. Its meaning may vary depending on the position in which the other cards that accompany it appear, but its essence remains the same.

In order to give a good interpretation of a card spread, it is essential to know the meaning of the tarot, since that way you will give it the correct meaning.


the mad

The arcane of spiritual freedom, being free and indomitable in essence, without material or mystical ties. It is simple, natural, it is the quintessential bohemian. It's him, no matter how he lives in the world. He is a happy misunderstood, his knowledge of things is generally superior to other people and from that wisdom and creativity he acts, forgetting that everyday life is why he is perceived and labeled as extravagant, vagabond, transgressor. He too, to some extent, represents indiscipline that sometimes borders on madness, a product of the world that does not respect his autonomy in action and reaction. They are good inventors, artists and adventurers to conquer new worlds.


the justice

This arcane represents the fascinating image of perfect scales, synonymous with the deepest balance of the center. It symbolizes power at the service of men and heaven. For humans it is an instrument of revenge and for the gods of justice. The search for this leveling marks a path to follow, but it is reality that moves the spirit, never reason or feelings. This is an energy that wields times in which karma must be adjusted, whether positive or negative, because justice must always be fulfilled to return to stability.


the tower

It represents the power of consuming and purifying fire that destroys and sweeps out the old. The Tower of Ego is teetering to its foundations. Everything we try to save is destroyed and the supposed security of the past is irrevocably shaken. It requires the understanding that everything that happens in life comes from undying love for life and includes opportunities to learn and discover.


the wizard

He is represented by Mercury, juggler in communication, object and subject of truth and falsehood. He manifests the creative and practical intelligence that encourages boldness and leads to success. He grants the courage and strength necessary to overcome adversities and diseases, because the spirit rules over the physical body. Although it is not a letter of help in sentimental issues, he provides the necessary intelligence to get out of trouble.


the hermit

The meaning of this card is based on the search for inner fulfillment and the encounter with the light. He is so happy with the riches of the spiritual world that the concrete and tangible material universe seems colorless and insignificant to him. This energy does not follow the crowd, nor does it support the frivolity and superficiality of people in general; that is why he usually receives neither attention nor understanding from those around her.


the star

His reading of him focuses on destiny , the moment of truth, where you will get what you deserve , if you are able to defend it. It symbolizes light, knowing what to do, it is the opportunity you have in this existence to be happy. This card shows the process of receiving the highest cosmic inspirations and the appearance of impulses that generate ideas in the material realm.


the priestess

It is associated with intelligence and hidden mysteries. Represented by Isis, the greatest exponent of extrasensory perception and intuitive talents such as clairvoyance, telepathy, creative visualization, empathy, intuitive knowledge and healing powers, these abilities come from harmony with the highest truths of the laws cosmic, to which they are subject and to whose service they are practiced.


the wheel of the fortune

He talks about the good opportunities, radiant like the sun, enabling lighting and creativity that allow us to take charge of being the designer architects of own luck. Life always holds gratifying and unexpected surprises for us, we only need a willing and observant eye to be able to register them. The old limitations can be analyzed with good judgment, providing the warmth necessary for new strategies to germinate and bear fruit.


the moon

It represents the subconscious realm of femininity changing, wet, suspicious, seductive and incredibly magnetically attractive. Entering this passage creates a new life; the path to consciousness confronts us with everything unknown and threatening. The person who decides to cross the threshold into the unknown must exhibit invincible courage and must be willing to perform preparatory exercises.


the empress

she Is the lover and mother, ruler and wise. Her strength lies in the synergy between the highest spiritual ideals and values, the earthy and sensual expression of her femininity and her love embodied in her joie de vivre . The assimilation of the male part gives a woman a special glow and makes her more attractive. The beautiful appearance is nothing more than the indication of something bigger and more beautiful that is hidden within itself. The feeling is conjugated with the understanding and that special intelligence arises that characterizes her for her sensitivity.


the force

The meaning of this tarot card symbolizes the inner impulse that moves the spirit; the confidence in reason and the optimism of which she knows that the Gods protect him. Here pleasure is more than mere life force, it includes both passion and joy, as well as the pleasure of experiencing power. It represents the different aspects and attitudes that are integrated and combined to achieve a holistic truth in an orgiastic experience.


the sun

The sun shines in the middle of the sky and bathes us in the scenic light of clarity and the most absolute awareness. In this dance of nature, the free relationship of companionship between man and woman makes it possible for even the most compromising situations to be expressed with optimism and enthusiasm. All energy can now be devoted to pursuing a joint creative path, instead of wasted on power struggles, jealousy, and subterfuge.


the emperor

Reveals the other side of the wild ram; where the true leadership qualities imply a humble subordination to the laws of nature. He is the type of ideal ruler, who feels such intense compassion for his family, small or large, that he is always ready to sacrifice himself for the good of all.


the hung

It means the self-sacrifice of someone who does not want to hurt anyone and therefore suffers in silence, destroying their essence. The point has finally been reached where the harsh reality can no longer be denied. There is no alternative but to face the truth and break free. This form of capitulation, abandonment of the rigid will and inflexible ideologies, is accompanied by important changes in behavior and daily life.


the judgement

It symbolizes the justice of the gods who speak with men and put them in their rightful place. Everything will be known and will come to light, the good and the bad, nothing can be hidden anymore. It is the ideal position to see things in their entirety and a clear perception serves as the basis for global critical judgment. The critique here can be communicated in a way that doesn't judge people, but instead motivates and inspires them.


the priest

It refers to a dignitary of the church, it describes someone who has been consecrated and inspired, that true spiritual teacher


the world

This arcane is the last of the majors, it closes the circle that "El Loco" started; the great work has come to an end and returns to the innocence and blindness of the beginning. The culmination occurs simultaneously at the highest level of existence. You now see yourself and the world as they really are; all disguises and masks have become superfluous. Connected to the original naturalness, one lets oneself be carried away by the turbulent dance of the continuous movement of the universe.


the lovers

This arcane is the expression of two opposite beings who desire and attract each other. The duality reflected in all aspects of life is experienced existentially in the love relationship between man and woman. Each new attempt at reconciliation, union or contact manifests the passionate drive to restore lost unity.

The Temperance

the temperance

Here occurs the alchemical union of fire and water, light and darkness, masculine and feminine, death and rebirth. This union of opposites is the creative process of starting something new and as such it happens first inside and then is projected into the outside world. If you explore the deep areas of the earth, through purification you will discover the lost stone.


the car

This arcane represents the royal path that we must follow in search of our own inner metamorphosis. The route the Chariot travels on is paved with gold. Imminent changes are approaching that will be accompanied by excitement and agitation. With each new beginning we leave behind the boring routine of everyday life; and in doing so we recharge ourselves with renewed energy that inspires us and multiplies our ideas, allowing us to carry out several activities at the same time, without neglecting our highest ideals.


the devil

It represents creative energy in its most material and masculine manifestation. The devil is a seer who not only perceives the superficial, but penetrates deeply into the nature of things. Everyone who is aware of his inner world is characterized by his special sense of humor; only the ignorant show an excess of seriousness that is completely identified with their thoughts and actions.

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