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Gemini in love

gemini in love

Gemini people in love are very open beings, most of them like to love and be loved and their way of giving themselves can be seen as a defect at a certain point since they tend to give everything until they are empty, running the risk of not receiving the same and end up injured.

There are signs with which you can get along quite well and we will tell you what they are and how this mixture works with the most changeable sign of the zodiac.

gemini in love

What sign is a Gemini man compatible with?

The Gemini man is a meticulous being, in the sense that he is gallant and also pays close attention to details, so a woman who is focused and loves herself likes him phenomenally.

Among this type of women are those of the sign Virgo, Sagittarius, sometimes Scorpio and without a doubt the Gemini herself. It will be a mixture that will have very good results and they will be able to love each other.

gemini in love

Does Gemini like to be sought out?

Without a doubt, Gemini is usually a bit egomaniac and likes attention. He can fall asleep in the arms of someone who gives him love and makes him feel the last coke of the desert.

However, you have to be careful with the moods of Geminis since one day she wants to be sought after like a pebble of gold and the next she wants and needs her peace and solitude. Therefore, it is prudent to know the personality of the Gemini with whom you are dealing well so that you do not clash with them at some point.

gemini in love

What sign is a Gemini woman compatible with?

The Gemini woman pays close attention to capable men, gentlemen, attentive, who dress well, are elegant and very intelligent. For this reason, Virgo generates a special candidate for them, Virgo's way of being independent and calm creates a bit of uncertainty that leaves them trapped.

Another sign with which they get along quite well is with the same Gemini, both signs enjoy almost the same things and can understand each other almost perfectly. However, you have to be careful because a bad day between the two can generate great chaos.

gemini in love

Do Gemini love mind games?

Geminis are very good with their minds, thanks to their 'bipolarity' they think things over and over again from different points of view, managing to draw any kind of conclusions. Mind games are a piece of cake for them.

If they put their minds to it, Geminis can get into your mind without you realizing it and leave you totally trapped. You will play for him when and how they want. The downside of all this is that if you feel like playing with them it will be almost impossible, so not only will you lose but you will fall into your own game where now it will be Gemini who dictates the rules.

gemini in love

Does Gemini have a hard time being fake?

If there is something that a Geminian tries to avoid, it is contact with people who are not genuine. Geminis are almost never afraid to show themselves as they are, the personality that they will show you is the one that characterizes them and there is no more to look for.

In itself they are very changeable beings, naturally and sometimes even drastically, so being false is simply impossible for them since they would have to deal with the fact of always maintaining a cover.

gemini in love

Do Gemini like direct people?

Geminis rarely beat around the bush, they like to get to the point and be clear about what they do and what they want with the other person. Although they are quite indecisive people, they try as much as possible to always express what they want and expect the same treatment in return.

The more direct you are with Geminis the better, of course, sincerity has to go hand in hand with tenderness because otherwise you will wake up a beast that you do not want to deal with.

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