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How is Gemini with other signs?

how is Gemini with other signs

Gemini is one of the signs that gives the most talk in the zodiac, his character and dual way of being is something that not everyone knows how to deal with and for him it can be a blessing as well as a curse.

Gemini sign people can become indecisive in any area of life, the good thing is that they are so versatile that they are capable of developing well in any aspect.

When it comes to relationships, there are some signs with which they are very good and others with which it is better not to get involved so much to avoid problems, but we will explain this better in the development of the article.

how is Gemini with other signs

Who does Gemini get along with?

Gemini can get along quite well with any zodiac sign, this is due to their changeable personality that helps them mold people. However, the best vibe is shared with people of the sign of Virgo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aries and the same Gemini.

This sign is by itself very friendly, it likes calm and peace even on holidays, which is why it gets along well with others. However, he can harass them with his indecisive and changeable way of being that comes naturally to him. Faced with this, it is normal for him to tend to receive inappropriate treatment, which will develop a cold and distanced attitude in Geminis.

how is Gemini with other signs

What sign is Gemini compatible with in love?

This can be seen from several aspects. In general, the best partner for Gemini is Virgo. Both signs are committed when it comes to coming to an end in love, so forming a couple and establishing a home is an easy task for them.

Cancer is also another good option when it comes to relationships, it is a dreamy sign that likes to love and be loved, so it gets along quite well with Gemini. The same happens with Aries, his way of being extroverted and light creates a fun relationship with Gemini.

And finally there is the same Gemini who is undoubtedly one of the best choices, they know each other quite well and they will create a fun relationship, easily reaching agreements and helping each other to be determined.

how is Gemini with other signs

Why is Gemini so cold?

Gemini's coldness comes from not receiving a good treatment from other people. It is known that Gemini is a changeable and didactic sign, which is why they are usually labeled as double-sided, however it is not something they do with bad intentions; Geminis are people who like to see the good side of everything.

However, because of this attitude, they tend to receive cruel and harsh criticism that makes a Gemini quickly distance themselves and become cold and distant. Just as he is a very good friend, he quickly knows how to go to the closed side and completely keep his friendship and love.

how is Gemini with other signs

Why is Gemini bipolar?

Gemini represents the twins Castor and Pollux, it has 2 personalities that, although it sounds difficult, relate quite well. That is why most of the time they have a fight in their mind over any number of small and important things.

how is Gemini with other signs

Who makes a good Gemini couple with?

Geminis can form an incredible couple with 2 signs, Virgo and Gemini himself. A relationship between them occurs quite easily and they can spend hours having fun or if it is just a moment it will be the most enjoyed moment.

how is Gemini with other signs

¿Who does Gemini get along with badly?

Geminis don't usually get along badly with any sign, however they have low compatibility with those of the capricorn, scorpio and pisces signs. The relationship between these signs usually presents many conflicts that most of the time leave a bitter taste in love.

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