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Gemini personality

gemini personality

The natives of the sign of Gemini are beings full of life, they are fast, versatile and intelligent. Their sense of humor and creativity help them overcome the obstacles life throws their way, and their extraordinary gift for communication is their greatest asset.

They are cheerful, fun and always willing to make new friends, live new experiences and embark on an adventure, the Twins impose their jovial personality in everything that makes things light and carefree. But that inconsistency is its weakest point. Being an air sign with mutating qualities, these individuals cannot stay in one place for long.

Geminis often write people off, no matter how strong the bond, once they rationalize that this is the best decision. Sometimes they are banal and not very compassionate, they are distant and with little interest in earthly affairs or the problems of others. To achieve balance they need a healthy routine with enough changes and emotions to achieve stability and deeper feelings.

Gemini relationships

For Geminis it is very important to have a wide social circle, with many different friends to do many group activities. They need to have varied conversations in their lives.

He easily wins everyone's hearts with his childish approach to life and his incredible ability to play anything. Serious people will consider them immature and incapable of sustaining a lasting relationship.

Fortunately, this is not something that worries Geminis too much. They have a divine consciousness to enjoy the simplicity of life, the new experiences and the people who will come into their lives when the time is right. They will never let go of a person when they have enough interests and laughs in common. When they find someone who can deal with their mood and personality changes, they give their heart to them.

Gemini and children

Regardless of their role as a father or mother, a Gemini is just as childish as their children. With them he plays, they laugh and he is a true friend of his children. They are fun, liberal and reasonable. Their real problem in parenting is forming a stable intimate bond, and it is not uncommon for them to live an adventurous life, neglecting their children's physical needs to some degree. They are open, communicative and curious, but they are also parents capable of giving space for a well-developed personality, and to whom their children can tell what they think calmly.

Gemini and parents

As children, they can be difficult to handle. They have an incredible curiosity that is impossible to satisfy, They need movement, parents go crazy chasing them. They need numerous explanations that they don't seem to hold in their minds for long. They demand a lot of attention. They need to be spoken to calmly so that they can understand everything. They need to be accompanied everywhere for most of their childhood.

Gemini in love

For their love life to thrive, Geminis need partners who can explore and discover common interests and adventures on a daily basis. To be with just one person in the long term, they need to be fascinated by their intelligence but also have to be able to teach them something themselves. Their freedom must remain intact to be happy, as well as their perception of themselves, since they often have problems discovering their own center with and being in a relationship makes it more difficult for them.

When a Gemini falls in love, she delivers with zest, good humor, passion, and an entertaining attitude. They expect and want to be loved with their own strengths, differences, flaws, and challenges. Their sexual life is colorful with many words in between, for them sexual foreplay is intellectual, not physical.

Gemini at work

Geminis are the ones who bring new ideas to teams with their wit, creativity, and childishness. Communication is your tool to achieve any result you can imagine. They have a rational, clear mind and if they feel properly motivated and supported, they are loyal to the job, giving good practical and financial results. They need to work in open environments and with freedoms that allow them to create their own professional world, while still being part of a team. If they use their social contacts they can go far. Very good with words, Geminis often become a writer or journalist somewhere along the way. If they are being motivated properly, this is an area where they can really stand out in the world of letters.

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