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Taurus personality

taurus personality

People who belong to the Taurus personality sign are known for being attached and reliable, they are very loving and emotionally dependent, they will never deny you their help if it is within their reach and they have a great willingness to push when you are stuck.

They are capable of understanding the world around them, especially the financial world, making them great advisors on banking issues. They are people who resist for a long time, and will do whatever it takes to please their loved ones. They are determined and strong people.

They are people who belong to the earth element, which may be a bit lazy, very static and stubborn. They are great lovers of material possessions. When they feel that they could lose someone, they become possessive, they are eternally dependent on control and it is difficult for them to relax.

Taurus relationships

They are introverted people, so when they manage to build a relationship, they usually keep it for a long time. They are people you can trust, they are loyal and extremely connected with the people they are close to, to make way for new friends they usually take their time to examine and learn and then create a new connection.

They are dependent and at the same time gentle, so you always have them on your side so you can share your positive experiences and they will help you face the negative ones. They are not very fond of conflicts, so they tend to avoid them and for no reason will they approach noisy or aggressive people. They may be a bit slow as well as stubborn, so it is very difficult for them to fit in with the most fiery signs like Leo or Aries.

Taurus and his partner

They are attentive and careful, but they can become controlling and very possessive, and they often make the mistake of not giving them that time and space that any couple needs to breathe. The people of the sign of scorpio will not have problems with Taurus since, when love is mutual, they are usually the same. They are by nature compassionate and sensitive people, they understand the needs of their partners and help them understand theirs and this helps them stay together for a long time.

Taurus and children

As parents, Taureans tend to be very conservative and inflexible people, which leads them to carry out emotional blackmail and thus generate control. They often don't give their children enough freedom, which can cause them to fall into an endless circle of hurting each other.

The Taurus father will always seek to meet and satisfy the needs of his children, offering them what they need to build common sense about the world around them. They are physical love so they are very receptive to contact, they like to hug, kiss and give affection, which is usually uncomfortable for some adolescents. If they manage to establish freedoms and respect the limits that all children need, they become good parents, always present for what the child needs to grow in a healthy way.

Taurus and parents

They tend to be a little more passive and slow children. It is recommended that they are not constantly deprived of certain satisfactions, such as sweets and other pleasures. These frustrations will only motivate them to be more free and make bad decisions in the search for freedom.

The key to the good upbringing of a bullfight is to find a balance between understanding and compassion. It is necessary to create strong ties so that they can build positive personalities.

If they stop feeling loved and supported, they may develop a weak and not very positive personality, which will cause problems when facing life.

Taurus sexuality

Because they are very shy people, those born under the sign of Taurus need more time than normal to create bonds with other people. Slow processes are enjoyed, so they tend to conquer the old-fashioned way. They have great traditionalist values and morals.

Once the Taurus manages to open up with a person, they will give love freely and without measure. Sexually they must be understood and nurtured in order to fully develop it, they are filled with tenderness, games and devotion. If they get the right person their sex life will come to full bloom and be filled with much satisfaction.

Taurus the worker

They are people, who at work, are very reliable and dependent, they like the stability that traditional work offers, so they are usually loyal to their employers. They will not risk their workplaces, they are capable of enduring the most bitter moments and always staying close to their bosses, whatever time it takes.

They are very practical and rational, very reliable in jobs related to finance. He is motivated by the rewards of good salaries and bonuses. They can also become interested in the arts thanks to their sensitivity.

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