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Health Tarot

health tarot

One of the most important issues, and most consulted to the arcana, is health. Despite being an area that must be treated by medical professionals, the tarot are capable of guiding and advising you at every step, an important decision to make regarding health and well-being issues.

The tarot reading for health is an allied and very useful tool for you and for the people close to you. In addition to guiding you, the arcana are capable of preventing you, so that you can take care of any latent danger to your well-being.

Each of the arcana that make up the deck of cards represents a state of health, which are interpreted, depending on the context, when a query is made. It is extremely important to know the meaning of each one of them, what part of the body it represents, the degree of the disease or how much vitality you will have.

Meaning of the health arcana

The 24 arcana of the tarot represent different situations within your health, so it is important that you know what each one means to you. The best way to consult about your health is through a spread of 3 cards, this to begin with and then consult as you want to ask deeper questions.

The Wizard

It predicts good health, you will be full of vitality and a lot of energy, if you are sick it announces that you will soon be fully recovering. symbolizes the head If it comes out in an inverted way, you are suffering from tiredness, stress and headaches.

The Priestess

Announce a pregnancy, for you or someone close. It may alert you that you will suffer from problems with the reproductive or urogenital system. Alert to the circulatory system. Contraria heralds serious infections in these organs.

The Empress

Good health to you, that is if you should not abuse food and drinks, since this card is related to the digestive system and intestines. The reverse is announcing stomach pain, constipation and digestive complications.

The Emperor

Alert with blood pressure and congestion. You may be presenting circulatory problems in the extremities. If it comes out in the opposite way, it announces that you may suffer from embolisms or thrombosis.

The Priest

If you are sick, this card announces your progressive recovery. You may have ear discomfort or problems hearing and also in the neck. Upside down announces that you could suffer from deafness, severe otitis or an ear infection.

The Lovers

Announces a possible accident, it is related to serious injuries to legs, arms. Also related to the kidneys and respiratory system. You may suffer from asthma, allergies, kidney stones.

The Car

A card of good omen, you will be full of energy, vitality and even in a good mood. You are in good physical condition and with great strength. There is no announcement of any disease. On the contrary, this letter announces temporary discomfort, which will last only hours, fatigue and discomfort in the body at the muscular level.

The Justice

Alert with respiratory problems, especially in the bronchi, they may be related to the bronchi. It may be complicated by bronchitis, pneumonia or pneumonia.

The Hermit

This card is related to problems at the level of the bones and in particular related to the spine. If you are going through any illness, the hermit announces that you will enter a slow recovery.

The Wheel of The Fortune

Get ready to suffer sudden health changes, you may be in good condition and suddenly you start to get sick, be full of vitality and start to feel tired. Your fast-paced life is causing you to go through serious energy slumps, the positive thing is that they are temporary, they may only last a day or two.

The Force

The card that announces a complete state of health, without any complications, you will be full of good health in your immediate future. If it comes upside down, you may only feel very temporary fatigue and discomfort.

The Hung

You are not enjoying good health at the moment, you have little energy and low vitality. Depression begins to set in and wreak havoc on your physical health. Upside down heralds spinal problems that may need some type of rehabilitation.

The Death

Your health is in a state of fragility, you feel weak and very tired in the bones. You may be about to undergo a surgical intervention related to arms or hands or at the lung level. If you are upside down you may be about to suffer a fracture, physical death is announced if death is accompanied by another card such as swords.

The Temperance

A lot of vitality and you will enjoy very good health, wanting to do physical activity, which transforms into tranquility and happiness. On the contrary, it announces tiredness and less energy.

The Devil

You are in good health, but you should be aware of possible transmission of sexually transmitted diseases or genital infections. It may also be related to alcohol and drug problems. Upside down announces sexually transmitted disease.

The Tower

Serious disease that will need exhaustive controls and even surgical interventions, possibly related to the heart, liver or pancreas. Treated with time you will recover successfully. If it comes out in the opposite way, it may be incurable diseases such as cancer.

The Star

You will have ease to heal wounds, enjoy good health and well-being, you will enjoy lots of energy and vitality. You may have discomfort but they will be temporary.

The Moon

You will suffer from depression, decay, apathy. You will go through nervous breakdowns and a lot of apathy. If you are pregnant it may be a bit difficult. If you are in the opposite way, you will suffer very strong depressions, mental disorders and very poor health.

The Sun

Good health and lots of vitality and strength. Danger of burns and heart attacks due to excesses. It may announce health problems related to tachycardia.

The Judgement

Announces good health and vitality, if any discomfort appears with medication you will recover immediately. It is a good time to purify the organization naturally. Physically it is related to the skeletal system. If it comes out backwards you will suffer from mild poisoning.

The World

It indicates good health related to fine, slender and agile ankles and calves. You will enjoy physical beauty: a handsome face and a well-formed and graceful body. If it comes out in the opposite position, tropical infections, water or food different from the usual ones can affect you.

The Mad

This card is related to the feet. You will enjoy very good health, if you suffer from illness you will be psychological as personality disorders. If it's upside down, you may be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

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