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How to know if my ex loves me even if he has a girlfriend?

how to know if my ex loves me even if he has a girlfriend

Breakups are never easy to overcome, especially when you have loved that person so much, shared unique moments and even imagined a future together. When you have to start from scratch and face your new reality it is never easy, for either of you.

As the days go by, you may be overcoming and finding your way to normality, you have already stopped thinking so much about him, you have decided not to have constant contact and you have even stopped checking his social networks. Maybe your ex boyfriend is already starting to date someone else and it doesn't affect you as much as it did in the beginning.

How to know if your ex has not gotten over you?

There are many men who, despite having a new relationship, begin to show signs that they still haven't gotten over you and still love you. Because the fact that he has put an end to his relationship with you does not necessarily mean that he does not love you, it may be that what he does not know is to be alone. How to know if your partner loves you even if you have a new partner?

how to know if my ex loves me even if he has a girlfriend

Signs that your ex loves you even if he has a girlfriend

If you are feeling that your ex still loves you, it is because you are still in frequent contact with him, they may still follow each other on the networks, write, call or even hang out. There are certain gestures that can confuse you and that he does not necessarily love you as a woman, but rather that he has a special affection. To know if he still loves you, you must be attentive to these signs.

how to know if my ex loves me even if he has a girlfriend

He hasn´t gotten rid of your stuff yet

During a relationship, it is very likely that both have given each other many things, for example; some shirt, watch, and why not, even a teddy bear. These things are always loaded with a feeling that is generally love, which is why there are people who, after separating, do not usually get rid of them. If you see that your ex still has the letter with the sweater that you once gave him, it is very likely that he is still thinking about you.

how to know if my ex loves me even if he has a girlfriend

Call his girlfriend by the nicknames she used for you

My love, baby, darling or my life are some of the nicknames that are commonly used within a relationship and also outside, in the sense that it can be used with anyone. There are those who create particular nicknames, which are only used by the couple and which were somehow born from a special moment. If by checking your networks, or by some comment from mutual friends, you discover that this is what he calls his current partner, this is a clear sign that he is still very interested in you.

how to know if my ex loves me even if he has a girlfriend

He always looks for you with any excuse

It may be that your relationship, when it ends, has not ended on bad terms and that you still have some communication. What is not normal and is a clear sign that he wants you for himself, is that he looks for you as a friend but with loving chemistry, like the one they had before. If he uses any excuse to see you, talk to you or look for you to be with you, what he is looking for is to stay present in your life because for him you are still present in his.

how to know if my ex loves me even if he has a girlfriend

Always visit the places you used to go

There are certain places that made them their own, where they shared more, where they always went to celebrate special occasions and where they shared so many moments and where you know you went first. He may still visit these places, alone or with his current partner, just to have a chance to run into you, his only intention is to coincide and for you to realize that he keeps visiting that place as a kind of reminder of you.

how to know if my ex loves me even if he has a girlfriend

You are still his confidante

Couples are usually united by something that goes far beyond physical and sexual attraction, a bond is created that allows you to be totally open with the other person. If for your ex you are still that person that he turns to when he gets angry with his girlfriend, or when he wants to talk about the bad day he had, or about the good things that are happening to him, it is because he feels that you will give him the words he needs. and that only you understand it, here you must begin to believe that he still feels things for you that he has not overcome.

how to know if my ex loves me even if he has a girlfriend

His girlfriend is very similar to you

Many people tend to have certain physical traits similar to yours, what is suspicious in this case is when you know that they like the same things or a similar style of dress, makeup, haircut or their way of being is very similar to yours. yours, as if he wanted to replace you with her.

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