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How many children will I have?

how many children will I have

The time has come for me to start a family, I have everything I hoped for to start this new phase of my life, or I'm just curious to know what my life has in store for me. future as a mother, and I want to know how many children I will have.

When it comes to the future and what it holds for you, there are many ways to learn certain facts. The tarot is one of the most effective tools, with a reading of the deck the arcana will be able to reveal the number of children you will have.

how many children I will have

How many children will I have Tarot?

Free Tarot I will have children

To ask the arcana you only need to make a spread of cards, of a complete deck, with closed questions. In this way you will have accurate answers to the question of how many children you will have. Try the yes or no tarot to ask closed questions.

Another way to know this number is to perform some simple and homemade tricks that will help you have a fairly approximate number of children you will have.

how many children will I have

The chain and the ring

One of the best-known tricks to reveal the number of children you will have, if you have one, since this ritual will also reveal whether or not you will have children in the future.

What you have to do is take any chain you have, preferably silver, and put a ring on it instead of a pendant or medal. Once it is ready, you must hold the chain from the clasp of the clasp, making it hang over the palm of your hand.

Wait a few seconds until the chain is completely still so that in your mind and with all the energy invested in the question, the chain begins to do its work.

The chain can move or not, the former tells you that you will indeed have future children, while if you don't, the chances of having them are few. You will see that after moving, the chain will stop, and if it starts moving again it means that you will have two children. If it moves and for more times then you will have more children.

If you've ever done this trick, you'll realize that the chain can do two moves; in circles or rocking back and forth. If it moves in circles then it's a girl; if it sways back and forth you will have a cute boy.

This trick is one of the most complete, since in addition to knowing the number of children you will have, it counts the pregnancies that will be had and not the children that are born, that is, this will also count your pregnancies that are not they come to complete their cycle.

how many children will I have

The water with the thread

Very similar to the previous one, this trick will also give you a lot of information about your future children, but this one also tells you if you are expecting, in case of suspicion.

The first thing you should do is take a thread and put a needle on it, you hold it in the same way that you did with the chain and repeat the previous process. If it moves in circles it is a girl, if it moves zigzag it is a boy, and if it does not move, it is said that you will not have children.

To find out if you are pregnant at the time you do it, what you should do is place the needle in your belly instead of your hand. If it doesn't move it will only be a scare, if it sways you are waiting sweetly.

At what age will I be a mother? Tarot

When you decide to ask the Tarot it has to be a closed question. The tarot reader will not be able to answer questions such as exact date and age as accurately because the Tarot responds based on the energy she gets from you and for energy, time does not exist.

You can ask the Tarot if in the year that is passing you will be a mother, or if you are in the best moment of your life to get pregnant. Remember to focus on the cards, free yourself from thoughts that disperse your energy and receive in a good way everything the tarot reader has to say.

At what age will I have my first child? Free Tarot

The Tarot can offer you an accurate answer if the question is based on your present and on what you are really experiencing. Remember that it is your energy that the tarot reader will read through the cards and she will have an orientation for you.

Some questions to ask the tarot can be: am I ready to be a mother today?, is a pregnancy close to my life?, etc.

How many children will I have according to numerology?

To find out how many children you will have your date of birth is necessary and that of your partner, add each digit until ending in a single number and then look for the answer in this ancestral table that we show you below.

  • 1: More than three children.
  • 2: A son
  • 3: Your partner may be infertile.
  • 4: Two children or more.
  • 5: Twins.
  • 6: Several Marriages with children.
  • 7: An elderly baby.
  • 8: No children.
  • 9: Two or more.

Tarot cards to know if I'm pregnant?

The tarot is a good tool when it comes to knowing whether or not you are pregnant and you discover this using the Yes and No technique, clear and precise questions make the Tarot answer you more concrete.

There are 3 special cards by which tarot readers can find the answer to your question:

  • The Sun: This card talks about happiness and good luck, in turn it is related to the harshness of love and the presence of children in a person's life.</li >
  • The Moon: This card is quite direct and symbolizes pregnancy and childbirth.
  • The Empress: An Arcane that brings to memory birth and fertility, however if the fall inverted from her means abortion and infertility (it would be the negative answer to your question)

How to know how many children you will have according to my date of birth?

Numerology has always been a good way to reveal things in the future, to find out how many children you will have you just have to do a quick calculation.

  • Add up all the digits of your date of birth.
  • Add the number of children your parents had.


  • 06/14/1993= 1+4+0+6+1+9+9+3 = 33 = 3+3= 6
  • Siblings: 4
  • Final Calculation: 6+4= 10 = 1+0= 1

The number I give you at the end of the calculation refers to the number of children you are going to have in your life according to numerology.

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