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I need a new job

i need a new job

The time has come to take a safe and strong step in your life, and you keep thinking: I need a new job. Whether it is to get out of your economic stagnation, to move forward and leave behind that job where you already gave everything you could give, it is time to do it.

In life you can achieve everything you set your mind to, as long as you are willing to work and make an effort for it. So getting a new job will be a goal that you can easily achieve.

The determination and effort will help you achieve many things in your life, but it is also good to have those superior forces that are beyond all of us, and that in this career of getting a new job can help you.

To get that extra help from supreme beings you only need to know a few things and do it with a lot of faith, fully trusting that they will work. These rituals will help you align your energies to get the job of your dreams faster.

Find the perfect opportunity

Who has not dreamed of the job of their dreams, the one you long for and in which you know you will give your best? Well, this ritual will help you make that opportunity come.

The first thing you are going to need is a sweet fruit, for example a pear or a peach, then you must have a white sheet written by hand with a red ink pen, where you will describe that job that you dream of so much; type of position, company name, salary, etc. It is very important that these requests are realistic and are subject to our profile and our abilities.

The other thing we are going to need is our personal perfume and a glass of water.

On a new moon night (when the Moon is not visible), we open the pear or peach in half and put the written paper in the middle, without folding, so that the ink touches the flesh and seeds of the fruit. We close the fruit and you put a little of your personal perfume on top. It is buried in a place of fertile soil, for example, where there are other trees or flowers.

We take a sip of the glass of water visualizing that we are already in the job we want, in a happy and full capacity. With the rest of the water from the glass we water the soil where the fruit is buried.

I need a new job

I want to do well in my interview

If you've ever gone to a job interview you should remember the nerves of being interviewed, of having our abilities questioned, and of interacting so good with a stranger that they choose you among many others.

Nerves are normal every time we face new situations, but with this ritual, even that can't stop you from making an excellent impression while interviewing for that job you love so much.

For them it is necessary that you have a red ribbon, a pen, a photo or photocopy with the logo or address of the company that will do the interview, vanilla or coconut incense and matches.

In the red tape you will put the name of the person who is going to do the interview, fold the sheet in half the photo or photocopy with the logo or data of the company that can be hired, tie the paper with the tape and have 3 knots.

While you are tying the 3 knots, visualize that you are in the middle of the interview and you are doing it correctly, and that you are accepted for the job, the symbol of the knot is to tie everything so that it turns out perfectly.

Light the incense and pass it around the bundle, then leave it next to the incense until it burns out. Carry the bundle in your right pocket on the day of the interview.

Get a job fast and keep it

If your desire to get a new job leans more towards financial need, and you want to find a job as quickly as possible and that you can maintain it, then this ritual will be very helpful.

The first thing you need is to have cinnamon powder, 3 bay leaves, a piece of living tree bark, a little soil from a garden that has flowers, a lock of your hair and a small bag or bag

In the little bag we put the cinnamon, the bay leaf, the tree bark with your name engraved or written on it, a bit of earth and the hair. Close the bag and hold it between both hands and with great faith make your request.

Leave the bag for 3 days on the window, the first day being a new moon. After the ritual is complete, you will have to carry the sack everywhere until you get the job, which will be very fast thanks to the channeled energies.

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