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I don't feel loved by my partner

I don't feel loved by my partner

It is normal for couples to exist differences that could end in conflict , but the problem is when any of the members begins to feel despised by the other, many times this could end up in problems of self -esteem that must be treated I sometimes do not feel loved by my partner, but you may not disting

Today there are many people who are seeking help , on the argument that they feel devalued by their partner and in front of This should act. It is normal that you always want couple and in general.

If you are going through these types of situations with your partner, it is likely that you do not feel happy at all and it is time to measure how appreciated you are being for the other person, and there start to value yourself and overcome that feeling of little valorization you are going through.

How to recognize if your partner does not value you?

The relationships are usually complex, it goes much further than the simple sharing bed with someone, is to be part of the life of the other and for her each one has to give up a space so that The other between, and this implies knowing that the other person expects compensation.

It can happen that your partner does not understand this and makes you feel as if you have no value for him , and do not give importance to the person at his side . The heartbreak can be the main cause of this situation, I could also have enough time and is going through bad times. Some signs of devaluation in the couple are the following:

  • At some point you need to speak , that something worries or happiness and you want to share it and your partner is not by your side to listen to you . You don't ask you how you are, do not attention when you need it, etc. A couple that gives importance to the other knows how to listen, support and advise, although for my own merit you cannot solve problems that you can only solve.
  • I do not feel loved by my partner and displaced
  • If you feel that your partner does not pay enough attention to you for issues of time, it does not value you, it gives priority to all other things before you. If any other plan is more important than being with you, if it is never available, you may not appreciate your company. Here you could talk and try to realize the consequences that your lack of time are bringing to the relationship.
  • Finally, when your partner ignores your achievements and does not recognize your effort in different situations, you are probably not giving you the importance you deserve. There is no need for a excitement every time you tell him something, but that if he shows you with an attitude that really rejoices for what you are happening. Couples become a team and achievements must be held as such for the relationship to continue strengthening.

What to do if your partner does not value you?

It is not easy to detect when you are being belittled by your partner, because some signs can be perceived as bad moments or bad gusts. If you are starting to feel abandoned, worry and begins to see more caution the signs .

If you are realizing that indeed your partner does not give you the importance that should be Security as a person fractures to do something. You can start with these simple steps:

Give yourself the value you deserve

It is evident that when the other person is in a relationship, if he really values you, it is the one who will support you will hear, advise and is the person who will be by your side, but you cannot confuse this that you will be the center of everything And satisfy every aspect of you, you must take care of your life, so begins to value yourself so that the relationship is more satisfactory for both.

I don't feel loved by my partner

Always maintain communication with your partner

talking is extremely important within a couple relationship, so always say what you feel, so you will know if what you feel is really so or that are situations for now. If you keep the doubt in your mind or do not say what you feel may be what is preventing you from enjoying your relationship to the fullest. Always talk about your anguish, the only person who can give you the answers is your partner.

Ask for what you need

If you do not feel valued by your partner it may be that you miss something that you need . In that case, with total freedom, ask for it. Make your requests not in the form of an imperative but in an assertive tone because the way you ask things can help you improve your relationship.

Analyze the causes of your feelings

To really know why you are feeling belittled, it is important that analyze the causes and reasons for which you do not feel valued. Your partner may only be focused on work, or that is going through a bad time, tries to see objectively that causes your carelessness. The last thing you have to do in such a situation is to shut up and save everything you feel inside you. Indifference does not help solve couple problems.

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