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I want to leave my boyfriend but I'm afraid of repenting myself

I want to leave my boyfriend but I am afraid to repent

The couple's life usually goes through good times and bad times, ups and downs that can be transformed into discussions or conflicts that can be solved if they are treated with adequate communication or asking for help from a third party, as going to therapy. But and if you spend the idea of "I want to leave my boyfriend but I'm afraid to repent."

On other occasions, courtships or marriages live immersed in harmful relationships , toxic calls, which in some cases can cause psychological problems to one or both members of the couple .

When the situation gets out of hand and this point is reached it is better that the couple decides. The fear of breaking with the couple appears , you are afraid to leave that person who has shared many moments with you. But why is you afraid to break your boyfriend? Know the explanation.

How do you know if you are afraid of breaking up with your partner?

Break with someone and leave behind a relationship, is usually a very difficult time , above all for those memories that usually invade your mind over and over again, and it is There when that feeling of nostalgia becomes obsession and can invade you for a long time.

Leaving your boyfriend can become a time of mour Altibajo de emotions. You know you are afraid of leaving your partner when:

  • You think your life will no longer have any future with him but you are unable to finish it.
  • You come to think that is the only person with whom you can be , even knowing that you are not happy with him.
  • The fights and conflicts are more and more constant and stronger.
  • You know that for your good it is better to leave the relationship but you are unable to take the step .
  • The resentment towards your partner is increasingly noticeable and still still with him.
  • You have become a emotionally dependent person .

Why are you afraid of leaving your partner?

When you begin to feel that things are not well , and that feelings are being lost, it is the time when a period of heartbreak begins, which mostly usually Being long, and it costs a lot to take that step even though it is known that things are not right.

But what stops you to take that step, what is you being very afraid that you keep binding you to that person? There are different fears that are going to remain, when it is best to separate .

Fear of uncertainty

This is the most recurring fear experienced by human beings and makes presence when making great decisions. Or at the time of change. When thinking about leaving your partner you can create a feeling of uncertainty, anxiety and fear , and instead of facing it you decide to remain.

Fear leaving the comfort zone

A fear that is closely related is the fear of leaving the comfort zone, that is, to leave that mental place in which we feel stable and insurance. Staying in the comfort zone does not allow you to grow as a person, and this includes leaving a toxic relationship when necessary.

You don't want to feel like you failed

Failure is one of the most common fears experienced by people, nobody wants to fail but triumph . Its main symptom is to anticipate fear and defeat and with it the consequences. This fear is a mental trap because this can actually give you the opportunity to grow and get out of that toxic relationship that does not let you advance or be happy being who you are.

I want to leave my boyfriend but I am afraid to repent

You are afraid of suffering

Nobody likes to suffer, and the heartbreak is characterized by great suffering . However, that suffering allows us to learn and grow, and leave someone, in addition to pain, can bring excellent opportunities to live a full life in the future.

You don't want to be single

This is an irrational fear that is able to condition your life forever, causing you not to be able to leave that harmful relationship, and its greatest consequence is that it can go as a couple as a couple without being able to have Your time for you and to reflect .

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