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I want to get married but my boyfriend no

I want to marry but my boyfriend no

When you feel in love you can feel or experience one of the most beautiful emotions , in fact, being with that person who moves your feelings gives you a feeling of absolute happiness , happiness that reaches its maximum expression when that person proposes marriage . But what if you are in a relationship and that person does not dare to take that step? Because I want to get married but my boyfriend no. You are waiting and waiting and still does not come that question that you want so much, and it is the time when doubts attack you and pile up in your head.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that, there may be the possibility , that although you want establish a marriage life does not mean That your partner wants the same and that that does not mean that he does not love you , only that there are other factors that influence not to take the step.

Why doesn't my boyfriend want to get married?

First of all it is important to emphasize that the fact of that your boyfriend does not want to marry does not mean that he does not love you . It is a fact that men are more resistant to commitment than women, so this can be a factor that cohíba to take the step.

The relaxes are different for each couple, they always evolve and lead you to go for more in terms of commitment to the other person. It is a mistake to compose with other couples, or base a hand request on a demonstration of love.

But how can I know that he doesn't want to marry you? You can rely on some of these indications to answer the big question:

  • Dodge on the subject of marriage whenever you try to mention it or make references or after committed partners, and instead of following the current changes the subject and deviates.
  • You don't see interest in making future plans , never talk about how your life could be in the coming years or the rest of life.
  • You see that never finished taking a position about it marriage, he never says or not but simply does not talk about the subject.
  • Avoid speaking as a couple and never use us in the conversations that come out in among you or your friends.

The most probable reasons for not wanting to get married

Sometimes it is believed that because a man does not want influencing:

  • It may be the idea of marriage, it means nothing to him , that it is not a test of love to sign a role to be able to feel compromise with you and that goes against its principles and the fact of I really love you.
  • The goals for a person are very important and it is possible that the considers that objectives are still missing to achieve, in this case the idea of marriage is around their mind but in the future.
  • There are men who are only afraid to take that step , because we have to feel imprisoned and lose freedom.
  • One of the strongest reasons why a man does not decide to take that step are the economic resources , perhaps they miss and feel is not conditions to assume the responsibility of forming a family, for now .
  • Past traumas can also influence this step, maybe it may come from divorced parents or a failed marriage.
  • I may no longer feel love for you and not only do not want to marry but probably this is the reason, to leave the relationship and that everyone looks for what they really want.

What can you do?

Learn to be a patient in the difficult situation of discovering why your partner fears the marriage commitment. Some keys that can help you are these:

  • talks about the subject (always from respect and calm) . Let him know what you want, what are your plans and your expectations regarding marriage.
  • do not overwhelm him or force him to marry . That is one of the most important decisions that exist and cannot be taken light or under pressure. In the same way, surely you have enough self -esteem to know that you should not beg or blackmail anyone to access you.
  • Explain that marrying does not ruin the relationship , but that enshrines love of the couple. I may have a wrong image of what a marriage means.

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