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My partner does not want to marry with me

When forms a couple is likely that at some point, you have dreamed of marry in the future and form a family . But it may happen that, even if you are a long time in a formal relationship with a person, my partner does not want to marry with me and may never think about doing so.

If you really dream that day and get married is an option for your future, it is important that you pay attention to these 10 key signals that will tell you if your partner wants to marry or has simply discarded that option, so you will know what to face That situation.

10 Signs that your partner does not want to get married

It is better to realize now whether or not your partner wants to establish a marriage with you, than to let time pass and be disappointed waiting for a proposal that will never come.

Has no stability

If your partner is a person who at times is usually romantic and gentle, having very nice gestures with you that make you delirious, and at other times he is usually cold and distant, a little distant and distances, it is possible that he does not seek marriage, a person with this type of changes is not prepared for a life with commitments.

He is negative towards the idea of marriage

If at any time you have asked him what he thinks about marriage, or what he feels that certain couples close to you have decided to get married and their attitude is negative and opts for Do not answer, it is possible that he is not thinking about the same wedding that you are thinking about.

You don't know their family and friends

This is one of the most important signs, since when that person sees you as his potential marriage partner, he is very likely to want to introduce you to his friends and family. If time passes and none of this happens you may want to get into a more formal engagement.

Have no plans together

Sometimes talking about their plans and objectives, have you realized that they do not coincide or they have never planned anything in the medium or long term, it is very certain that this person is not very sure that they want to have a marriage relationship with you.

He talks very little about his future

It is normal for a couple who are thinking about getting married and talk about plans for the future. If you notice that your better half is fearful when talking about a future together and tends to change the subject, it is a clear sign of that you reconsider, if it is the person you will marry. Such a person is highly unlikely to change his mind overnight.

My partner does not want to marry with me

He always talks a lot and does little

There are people who like to project themselves and talk about family, marriage, the future, and even children, and they seem to agree with the idea, but the problem is that they never do anything to show it and Keep proposing and postponing, I'll tell you not to expect a wedding with that person.

Feel like you live in the past

Here pay close attention; If you feel that your partner is still trapped in his single days and longing for it with a lot of nostalgia, or even worse still fixated on an ex, it is possible that his mind is anywhere but on a future marriage with you

Don't have time for you

The time that is dedicated to a relationship is extremely important, so if that person you are with says he does not have time to balance his work with his personal life, you can be sure that he will not have time to give you a ring either, in these cases it is better to avoid marriage.

Only has single friends

Not one of the most common signs but it can happen; If your partner only has or hangs out with friends who are single and free, they are likely to consider being in that position as well.

Does not solve problems

If you notice that your partner instead of facing difficulties tends to run away from them, they are not capable of solving anything, much less taking care of themselves, because ultimately they will not be able to face a family, and it is time for you to reflect if you really want to be with a person like that.

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