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Men and Women of the Taurus sign

men and women of the taurus sign

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, it comes after Aries and together with Virgo and Capricorn they form the earth trio. A man and a woman belonging to the sign of Taurus have characteristics of a lot of order, they are dominant, confident, conservative and leaders.

They respect the laws and are respectful, this is because they like calm and tranquility. In the world of work they are extremely dedicated because they like material things and being able to impress, which makes them competent beings.

If you want to know a little more about the characteristics of this sign, do not hesitate to continue reading, you will be able to know in depth the curiosities of people ruled by the sun in Taurus.

men and women of the taurus sign

How to make a Taurus woman fall in love?

Seducing a Taurus woman can be a bit difficult but not impossible, this is because they are signs that take great care of themselves and tend to be a little suspicious of the intentions of others. Some things to take into account to conquer a Taurus are the following:

  • Provide security, if she feels that you are not a trustworthy person, she will reject you, so honesty is essential.
  • Do not despair, the Taurus woman likes calm, so if she notices you desperate she will feel low and pressure and she will not want to follow your rhythm.
  • Be determined, the game of appearing and disappearing gives her to understand that you are not really interested or in the worst case she will identify that it is a game and she will discard you once and for all.
  • She learns to love you, the Taurus woman is observant and she will notice how much you take care of yourself and your loved ones, from there she will deduce whether or not it is convenient for her to be with you.

men and women of the taurus sign

Why doesn´t Taurus let you into her life?

Many will think that Taurus is very closed, but the truth is that people of this sign are very observant and careful with themselves.

If Taurus has not let you into his life, it may be for one of these reasons that we show you below.

  • He does not consider you trustworthy: If Taurus feels that you do not arrive with good intentions, he will quickly block himself and cut off his person.
  • You are too extroverted: Even people with the sign of Taurus who are extroverted have a limit of prudence, if they consider that you exceed it, they will not want to be on your side for a long time.
  • He simply does not want anything with you: If a person of the Taurus sign does not want anything with you, he will simply put a full stop and that's it, he will cut off contact and if he must be present, he will do it kindly, but that's as far as it goes. They are very determined people.

men and women of the taurus sign

Does Taurus like difficult women?

That depends on the concept of "difficult" that each one handles. Taurus likes a woman who he can conquer, who arouses security, trust, but also some curiosity.

For Taurus, reserved women are a challenge and they like this, but an indecisive woman does not seem attractive either, so pretending to want and not wanting to be with them will seem like a waste of time and they will stop trying.

When a woman knows what she wants, Taurus will like her and that's not difficult, she's self-confident, which they find quite an attractive quality.

men and women of the taurus sign

How to conquer a Taurus man?

A Taurus man is really a challenge because apart from being somewhat closed, they are demanding in terms of tastes. To get his attention the main thing is to be quite feminine and this goes hand in hand with confidence.

Most like a clean and tidy woman and for this to lead into the money area. That they know how to organize and use it sensibly will be the best hook for them.

men and women of the taurus sign

Do Taurus like to be searched for?

Taurus people do not like to feel pressured or cornered, so if you intend to look for it, try not to be an intense person because it will surely put a limit on you and perhaps even take you out of their life.

men and women of the taurus sign

Does Taurus like to be jealous?

Taurus itself is a jealous person, which is why they demand loyalty and fidelity. To ensure this, they behave correctly in front of their partner and try to avoid any altercation with third parties.

men and women of the taurus sign

Do Taurus like surprises?

Taurus is a very organized sign, so they like to have everything under control. This means that surprises are not entirely to your liking. They may sometimes be accepted but it will never be a favorite gift.

men and women of the taurus sign

What sign is a Taurus woman compatible with?

The Taurus woman is compatible with the signs of Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer and Taurus himself. She gets along very well with them, but among all of them she can make an excellent match with another Taurus.

men and women of the taurus sign

How are the women of the Taurus sign?

Taurus women tend to be determined, materialistic (in a good way), responsible, possessive and stubborn. They are sure of what they want and when they want it, no matter if it is a job, money or love.

You can find in a Taurus a woman who likes success and will always be a good team to succeed, however, sometimes she can get stuck or locked in a thinking that can be difficult to get her out of, so you have to be patient when dealing with they.

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