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My boyfriend has left me

my boyfriend has left me

One of the most difficult moments for a couple is when they reach the breaking point as my boyfriend has left me. It can affect in such a way that it can end, not only in a swing of emotions, but in something physical; insomnia, weakness, lack of appetite and can even collapse the immune system.

However, emotional crises and times of sadness do not have to be forever, no matter how much the separation has hurt, there is much that can be done to regain joy and overcome that blow. Even if it was the other person who decided to put an end to it, it is you who is in control of your life and your emotions, and remember that your well-being is above all else.

It is understandable that the first stage is difficult, about whether you got used to sharing with that person. Most likely you will find yourself disoriented, not knowing what to do or where to start in order to recover and continue your life. Some tips can give you a second wind and start looking to change sadness for joy.

What to do if your boyfriend has left you?

Love is one of the greatest feelings and to which natural laws do not always apply. What is certain is that in a large percentage, breakups can become a very painful process.

The important thing is that you do not stagnate in this stage of suffering, so that sadness does not dwell in your being overlapping happiness, and prevents you from living a normal life.

Take the time you need

There are many people who opt for apathy, and act as if nothing has happened as a mechanism to better overcome the breakup. They act as if nothing affects them and when it does, they have generally been that way and it could be a trigger for a breakup. It is useless to impose an artificial appearance where pain does not exist.

The best thing to do is that the first few days you take a few minutes to face what happened, and accept that breakup and coexistence with you. Certainly this is one of the most painful processes, where tears invade you at any moment. However, externalizing this pain is a great step to begin to recover.

You project your actions to long-term goals

It is not easy when you have to get out of your comfort zone, especially when you are forced to take a step outside. You begin to go through uncomfortable moments, return to a new normality without allowing sadness and discomfort to overwhelm this new stage. This step is a projection of what you want in the future.

Understand that the actions you take now will have an impact on your future and that will favor your mental health, which should always come first for you. That is why the relationship with your ex-partner should not supplant your well-being and overlap what is really useful for you. Put aside the guilt for trying to avoid all contact with him.

Stop blaming yourself for everything

The first feeling that attacks when you have broken up with your partner is guilt, you begin to have irrational beliefs that what they do is generate guilt and believe the idea that you could have done things differently. What this causes is that you begin to believe that your actions were the ones that prompted your partner to make the decision, when it is not entirely true.

In a relationship, it is both of you to blame, everything triggers an infinite action and reaction between the two of you, and things that you have done have damaged the relationship, like the things that he has also done. The important thing is to keep the following in mind:

  • Not all actions that have been committed that will result in the separation of both are shameful and for which you should apologize. An example is when there are discussions about the priorities that each one considers, it cannot be the fault of one or the other, it is each one's criteria, and not to be well you must accept things that go against your essence and what What are you.
  • Everything that was considered immoral actions that have saddened or affected your ex-partner are lessons that will serve you for the future and correct the way you act. You no longer have power over the past, but over what you do and will do. Make the experiences serve to learn and improve to progress, not that it is a weapon to intimidate your self-esteem.

Avoid irrational beliefs

It is very easy, during the breakup process, without realizing it, you begin to get ideas or generate irrational thoughts about who you are and what you have done. They are pessimistic ideas, a bandage that does not let you move forward and makes you weak, so it is best to let go of those beliefs and false concepts of yourself to move forward.

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