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My ex boyfriend has blocked me from everything

my ex boyfriend has blocked me from everything

When a relationship ends it is never an easy process. There are couples who decide to end in an adult and rational way, making the decision through a consensus where both parties have decided that separating is best. On the other hand, there are those who do it in an aggressive way, where everything that is thought is not said and in some cases resentment remains and cases where my ex-boyfriend has blocked me from everything and I do not know what to do about it.

During a normal separation process, it is best to wait for all the tension to subside, and reason to take control again, so that the bitter pill is overcome. Whatever the condition in which the relationship ended, there is always one of the two who is waiting to return and rebuild the relationship and this may not happen.

When it happens that one member is waiting and wants to insist to solve the relationship, it is possible that the other begins to feel harassed in some way and decides to cut off in the healthiest way; cutting off all kinds of communication, that implies by telephone and through social networks, which is why their most immediate action is to block.

Why has your ex boyfriend decided to block you?

It is very common that among ex-partners, one of the two has decided to block the other after they separate and it is something very normal and understanding since distance is the best cure for these processes. If your ex-partner has decided to take this step, the best thing you can do is respect her decision and give her the space she is asking for.

Each person has their own way of coping with her grief and overcoming her grief, even by cutting off all kinds of communication. It may seem a bit strange to you and you may even worry why you want an explanation of the reasons that led him to block you, but the best thing he can do is try to put yourself in his place, the breakup could have been a very strong impact and what he wants For now, it's keeping your distance. If you have any doubts, these reasons may reassure you a bit.

He look for a new beginning

Most likely, your ex-partner is thinking of leaving everything behind. There are people who, to start from scratch, decide not to keep any trace of their past relationship; photos, messages, letters, social networks, etc., so they begin to cut all kinds of ties, in order to start from scratch and heal the wounds.

He seeks to forget you

That your ex has decided to block you may be a reason that he is looking to get over you completely. He is not ready to know everything about you, to see what you do and what you don't do, the places you see or even the people you start to see, that is why it is best for him to disconnect completely; not only physically but also through social media.

my ex boyfriend has blocked me from everything

You didn´t end on the best of terms

Relationships that are very passionate tend to end in a very bad and painful way, because of everything I gave while they were together. Maybe if they ended up like this what he is looking for, by blocking you, is to show you that he is still angry about what happened and the way he ended it all.

He does not accept that you are already happy

If your partner still hasn't gotten over the idea of breaking up and lives with the hope that they can get back together, it's very likely that they won't accept the idea that you're already happy, you don't feel pain anymore, you've stopped crying and you don't miss them anymore. like him to you, and that you are reflecting all this in some way through your networks, so he considers that it is best to block you.

He´s already with someone else

There are cases where it may be different and he is the one who has overcome his relationship with you. It is possible that he is already fine and has decided to take a chance on a new person and start dating and decides to block you. Either because your partner has asked you to erase all kinds of memories of you or because you have a very special affection and do not want to hurt you with the things that may come up.

He does not want to have more communication with you

It may be that after they have decided to separate, both have maintained contact, but instead of improving the relationship, what they did is send inappropriate or even painful messages, you have even begun to place hints in their networks that ended in discussions, for which they have decided getting over the discord and blocking you is best for both of you.

Whatever the reason that your partner considered to block you from their networks and so on, it is very important that you see this as a sign, it is telling you that it is time for both of you to turn the page and start a new cycle leaving behind grudges and only staying with how beautiful they lived.

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