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My boyfriend talks to me bad

my boyfriend talks to me bad

From a young age, values are essential in learning, respect is one of the most important, especially respect for people. Although you grow with the value of internalized respect, there are times when the ability to respect and empathize with your partner becomes difficult, especially in times of stress, difficulties, and heated fights.

When this happens regularly with your partner, it's almost a given that the respect between you has already ceased to exist, which is devastating in a relationship. The first signs or indication that you are beginning to be disrespectful in a relationship are verbal abuse.

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  1. Signs that there is no longer respect between the couple
  2. Simple things like sarcasm can become disrespectful and can give way to irony with the intention of hurting the other person, to belittle the efforts and to assert their point of view, they start yelling at you.
  3. Non-verbal language is more aggressive when they argue; He uses a fixed and defiant gaze, you notice that his facial expressions are disgust or anger towards you, he raises his index finger as if pointing out or marking the authority he has over you, he tends to disrespect your physical space in order to intimidate and violate you.
  4. Do you feel that sometimes he tries to ridicule your position or your points of view, for this he uses pejorative labels such as; Are you crazy, what a clown you are, how pathetic your comment or are you hysterical.
  5. When you talk to him or ask him a question, he rudely looks away from you and stops answering you.
  6. If you're talking and the conversation starts to get a little heated, when it's your turn to give your point of view, he looks to interrupt the dialogue abruptly and doesn't let you finish the sentence.
  7. He tends to make unconstructive criticism, rather he seeks to destroy your self-esteem by making fun of your appearance or your opinions.
  8. He does not respect your privacy and seeks to register your things, there is no limit to your intimate space but he makes you respect his; He checks your phone, wallet, bags, etc.
  9. See how ridiculous your way of being; your religious expressions, your education, the way you decide to dress or your ideology, superimposing their preferences and values as the only worthy thing and yours are inferior.
  10. When you are meeting with a friend or family, try to show your weak points, using them as a joke. Reveal intimate information about yourself, making you feel exposed and fragile in front of many people, which diminishes respect and trust.
  11. Lately he has been missing his promises, he has no sense of responsibility for living together as a couple. He breaks her word when he does not comply with changing to improve the relationship and make them progress together.
  12. This list can extend many numbers below, but it is not necessary to experience all of them, like a check list, to realize that your partner is disrespecting you and is engaging in harmful behaviors that endanger the relationship and your integrity.

    It is recommended that, when you begin to notice that aggressive behaviors are repeated, make a decision between the two, to avoid further damage.

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