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How to make my ex boyfriend miss me and come back?

how to make my ex boyfriend miss me and come back

When you break up with your partner, it is usually a very painful process and full of many ups and downs of emotions, and they are even stronger if, at the end, you still feel for that person. Whenever a place is finished, it is likely that someone generates some hope that at some point they will be together again.

If you are the one who wants to recover the relationship you had and for both of you to get back together, surely you have thoughts about doing everything to get him back, above all you want with all your heart that he somehow feels that he misses you. What should you do so that he starts missing you?

It is not that there is an exact formula for your ex to start feeling that he misses you. There are certain tips that will help your ex boyfriend start to feel that he needs you in some way, yes, all the strategies and tips that he uses will depend on the state in which he has ended the relationship. If he ended up disappointed, or if it was a very stormy relationship, he probably won't miss you.

Tips to make your ex miss you

Making your ex feel that he misses you is not a difficult task, it can take a long time and it will require a lot of patience on your part, but you can do it if you take the necessary distance and follow the advice that I will tell you here. It is important that you keep in mind that your ex will be more receptive to the need to be with you again, if he feels that he needs you, therefore distance is recommended.

Take distance

After having ended a relationship, it is normal for you to feel the need to know what your ex is doing, if he is dating or not, who he is with, or if he is happy or not after breaking up and about having the need to write to each for a while, because that's how it was before breaking up. But the most recommended thing is that you get away from him completely and thus make him miss you, also this time will help you reflect and know if that is what you really want, to have him back.

Take at least two weeks without him knowing anything about you and then, little by little, resume conversations but always showing a distance, as if you were very busy with other things, now that he is not around. He uses short and precise answers.

Use the messages

Once they start to get back in touch, it is best to do it using the messages, this will give you the advantage of acting in a distant way, so that you can take your time to respond and know what to say without being misinterpreted or incorrect.

Not only use written messages, send messages to the subconscious through the networks. If you post a picture of letting him go and now having the best time, even though you're not together, he'll want to share all those new moments with you.

Don´t get to harass him

If you have already gotten back in touch, and from time to time write to each other as good friends, do not fall for hints or tell them to return in a direct or subtle way, pleas are not healthy and they will begin to feel uncomfortable to the point of preferring not to talk to you. .

Show him interest but only that you are looking for a friendship, if you show him that you really want to get back together with him.

Do not withdraw from your social life

When you end a love relationship, two options usually appear to choose from; seek to be happy in your new reality or sink into depression and you should always seek the first. Even if you still feel love for him and desperately want to get back together, you cannot allow yourself to have a depressive attitude, in addition to hurting yourself, you will try to push him away completely.

The best thing you can do is call your friends and meet to go out and have fun, take advantage and spend quality time with your family, be happy and show it, so your ex will notice that you are independent to be happy and want to be part of your life again.

A little bit of jealousy isn´t bad

There are those who think that resorting to jealousy so that your ex misses you is a bad idea, but the truth is that giving him a little bit can turn on his alerts. For jealousy to work and to reawaken those feelings that you thought were forgotten, you must do it very subtly, so that he does not suspect that your intentions are to make him jealous and so your plan can work, otherwise it will be useless.

It's not looking for a new partner, it's just a matter of looking for new friends showing yourself a little more affectionate than you normally are with your friends, so he may feel that he is in danger of losing you, but find a way to get closer to you.

Change your look and fix yourself

Start taking care of yourself and your body. It is normal that when you are with someone you stop doing some things for your benefit, because you are sure of the person you are with. Do a self-evaluation and recognize those aspects in which you felt that you neglected and start to improve them, make a change of look, try using other things, another hair color. All this will make your ex pay attention to you again.

Be very patient

Surely your desire to return to your partner is immediate and you want him to look for you as quickly as possible, but this is a process that requires a little time, perhaps months of sacrifice without being with him.

You must be patient and wait for your actions to start paying off little by little, or else everything could end very badly, worse than when they ended. If you really love him and you feel that he still has feelings for you he waits a bit, and he acts cautiously.

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