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My ex -wife does not let me see my son

My ex-wife does not let my son see

The separations are usually processes of much tension, dislikes and a lot of nostalgia , in some cases even the rage can appear. When that rupture is leaving children in between, are the ones who usually suffer more the consequences of separation, in many cases they are even used to cause damage to the other person . But if you have reached a situation like that my ex -wife does not let me see my son, care, here we leave several advice.

When the relationship and the part that stays with the homeland of the children does not let the other person see them, a feeling of pain and of impotence begins to generate, especially when the parent yearns so long spend time with their children.

There is nothing more frustrating to seek to spend time with the children and that the other person prevents it for any reason, is usually caused by the pain and anger of separation. Take this behavior in the face of this situation only violates the right of the father and of children to coexistence, because time is something that cannot be recovered.

What to do if your ex-partner won't let you see the kids?

Every father has the right to see their children and when this measure is violated or used in revenge, the first thing to be You must do is talk to the other person, and raise the rights you have as a father, to share and spend time with children. These actions must be taken to cope with this situation with your ex -partner.

Communicate with your ex

It is not one of the most comfortable solutions to do, and more when there may be a resentment between both parties, but talking to your ex -wife can be the best way to proceed and Reach a possible solution .

begins by asking the why his refusal in front of you see children and could be done about it. Try that this conversation occurs while children are not present and in a neutral and public place, that will prevent the tone of the conversation from being uploaded, remember to keep calm and understanding, the goal is to know the reason for their attitude.

Find a solution to problem

If in the midst of the conversation you give you that your ex's concerns can be solved and are corrected , it is time that you do what you have to do to solve the situation in the best way . For example; If what worries your partner is that your children do not have their own bedrooms, show your interest in moving and look for a better place for everyone and contribute better quality to the little ones.

They don't let my son see me

Set your limits

The discomfort of your ex may be and the reason why you are prohibiting from seeing your children is that you are seeing another person, and that this is spending time with your children, and it is your time to Explain that this is reasonable even if for your thinking it is not. Make it that your partner is a good person, that it is so, and the most important thing is to establish limits of how far you can get into your personal life.

Think about taking legal action

If you still do not go to the legal instances to request a regime coexistence with your children, and your ex insists that you do not see them, it is time that you think of this option as the only solution. Start by asking for an advice and introducing amparos that give you legally the right to visit your children and that this can be fulfilled.

If you already have a legal coexistence regime and yet your partner does not allow you .

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