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How to recover my ex -girlfriend if you don't want to return?

How to recover my ex-girlfriend if you don't want to return

You will surely agree that the end a relationship , with that person with whom you shared so many things you even planned a future, is one of the most difficult things , it is a process full of many emotions and dismissals.

but what happens when you end and you still want little further.

You have tried everything and the time has come when you wonder what else can I do to return . You may not yet have given you all for this to make this or that you have not achieved a way to recover it , because here we will give you some tips.

Why my ex girlfriend doesn't want to get back?

You surely feel that you have given everything of yourself so that that woman you love and that you lost for some reason has not wanted to return, and it may be that the answer to why you do not want to return is that You have not changed anything about you .

You may have resorted to luxurious details and attention but that remain the same person with whom she decided to end , the defect They are still there, and if so it is possible that you always find a wall that you cannot climb. While you are still the same person she left, she will not return.

do not matter the prayers, tears and words if they are not real, this will do it more from you, because it only gets deteriorating the little remains, instead of rebuilding the beautiful life they shared at some point. The first thing you should do is stop projecting insecurity and pity when you are looking for it, that will never work.

Step to get your ex partner back

When your girlfriend or wife has made the decision to end the relationship, it may be very difficult for you to change quickly, what you should do is that she falls back in love with you . Now in this new process you have many more advantage; The know and know what is really looking for .

With these steps you can help you recover your girlfriend, yes, as long as you really want to be with her and this time make her completely happy.

Stay away for a few days

You have surely heard the technique of zero contact, very effective for this occasion, keep a time away from it , do not block it but do not write to it, call it or look for contact with it by some Half.

This technique is very effective since it will give you a break, a time of non -contact, to reflect , think and even Strange , take new airs and when the great encounter is again, be fresh and renewed.

This time in which there will be zero contacts can last what you consider , since each of the relationships are unique and different, but usually it should not be less than 20 days, due that it is very difficult for things to change in a shorter time. Take this time to reconnect and evaluate and detect failures to correct

It's time to change

Nothing will be able to improve or you can approach your ex -girlfriend if you continue to be the same person, so it is important that you begin to generate changes in those negative attitudes .

For this change to be effective and permanent this must be born from yourself , which means that it is the one that motivates you to change, it is important that you also find A reason to do it , and that must be within you.

You can find motivation when you are aware that these negative defects and attitudes only attract suffering and bitterness to your life, and that is why the relationship worried. It is basically learning from your mistakes and thus take the most important step to recover the woman you love.

Make your first call

When you are sure that the previous steps are complete is the time to make a first contact. Do not do it by messages, or by social networks, use the phone and make a brief call , to know how it is, without reference of the relationship or the past, imagine that you speak with a good friend , you have the advantage of knowing her well and knowing what topics you can talk about quietly.

Call her again

In no less than five days having talked to her, you must make the second call , with the same previous tone but last a little more. avoid remembering the past , continues to maintain the friendship tone , as if you wanted to conquer it.

The farewell will be the lunge, instead of telling him that you will call her again, give rise and date to meet , it can be in a place you know that he likes. It makes it very clear that it is without obligation , just to chat and forbidden to take it to the cinema.

If the conversation has been pleasant for her, and has perceived in you a different person from the one he left, then surely he will accept.

The day of the appointment

The day of the appointment is your opportunity and you can't miss it . Grub it well , it is not necessary to spend in new clothing, but that you stretch well , you are well combed and clean . arrives early , before her. I am kind and polite

When you consider it appropriate, remember an adventure that passed together , something they used to laugh, some beautiful custom they had, a happy moment. But avoid generating nostalgia, if you notice that the environment gets tense for that, you better not follow. try to maintain all in a cheerful, positive, optimistic and above all humor

If you get laughing, I assure you that you will have everything in your favor.

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