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Ritual to pass an exam

ritual to pass a exam

The exam time has arrived and no matter how much you study, you still do not feel prepared to pass, despite all that you have practiced, you are afraid of failing. You start the exams and you are noticing the little performance that you are obtaining and you are afraid of postponing the rest of the tests that you have left. Although it may not seem like it, a well-executed ritual to pass an exam can help you a lot.

Magic and white rituals always have an extra help that will help you get through the exam season on a roll. These rituals to pass white magic exams, combined with hours of study and practice, will give you the push you need to pass your exam. Believe in what you do and you will be surprised. Keep in mind that you must study, not just by doing these rituals will you pass, it is just an extra help; so don't stop studying. Many times it is the means to suspend, so we also recommend a good organization that, added to these rituals, will help you a lot.

Why a ritual to pass an exam?

Rituals are a set of actions that are done deliberately, which gives you energy and projects you to achieve what you want in a cosmic way, it is a help that is align with your actions so that everything turns out as you want.

The rituals to pass exams will help you to have greater fortune so that the answers you are given are consistent with what you reviewed in your notes, it also helps you calm your nerves and concentrate during the test. Remember that you should study anyway.

ritual to pass an exam

Ritual 1: Rice with laurel to study

It is a spell that must be done before the exam date arrives, and in the middle of the study period. To do so, you will need the following materials:

  • A container, preferably white
  • White rice
  • Six bay leaves
  • Six coins of the same value

Place two large spoons of rice in the white container, then on top of the rice you must place the 6 coins. Once prepared, look for a safe and special place in the house for you, you should leave it there and surround it with bay leaves. It is important that you leave them there during the entire study period and until the day you take the exam.

Ritual 2: Understand the lessons better and succeed in the exam

This ritual to pass an exam allows you to improve your memory during the previous preparation and to easily remember when you have to take the test. You will need:

  • A red apple
  • Honey
  • Sage and dried rosemary
  • Aluminum foil
  • A piece of paper and a red pen

The first thing is to chop the apple in half and remove the pulp with the help of a teaspoon. In a separate container, mix the honey with the rosemary and let it rest while you place your name on the paper. Once this is done, empty the honey mixture into the apple and sink the paper with your name. Cover the apple with the other half and wrap it in aluminum foil and bury it in a pot with live herbs.

Ritual 3: Candles for the night before

This spell that will help you pass your exam must be done the night before or the morning before the exam. This will help you find the light you need. For them you must have:

  • A yellow candle
  • Three bay leaves
  • White flower petals
  • A photo of you

For this ritual you must prepare a special bath the night before or the morning before the exam. The water with which you will shower you must place the petals of white roses. When leaving the bathroom and before going to the test, light the yellow candle, and looking at its flame, say out loud.

"I invoke the archangel Gabriel so that the fire of this candle can revive my intelligence and my memory."

To finish, leave your photo next to the candle and cover it with the three bay leaves, thus symbolizing the success you will have in the exam.

These simple passing rituals will help you through the entire exam preparation process and give you the focusand support you need to succeed. get out with good luck on the test. If you are ready then it is time for you to perform your ritual to pass the exam.

Finally, if you want to know if you will pass, we recommend our yes or no tarot.

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