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Not being able to forget someone

not being able to forget-someone someone

If you consider yourself a sentimental person and you are moved more by the heart than by reason, then separations and oblivion are not usually easy episodes in your life, so what to do when you cannot forget someone?

When the couple's relationship, friendship ends or when you realize that the person you love does not correspond, a phase of detachment and forgetfulness begins that not everyone they overcome it easily, some people always find it more difficult than others.

When you have felt true love and felt intense emotions for someone, it may be a little more difficult for you to forget that someone when you are separated. The rituals also serve to begin to accelerate the process of detachment and leave that love or friendship in the past.

With a simple and harmless spell you can help yourself so that the forgetting process is not so painful and is much faster than you thought.

A forgetting spell is the reason for forgetting

That person with whom you shared the sweetest and most beautiful moments for a long time, and with whom you shared and present and even dreams of the future, it will always be difficult to forget someone and very painful, but the truth is that, sometimes, it is necessary to do so.

Whether it's to put an end to the pain and the agony of forgetting, to finish cutting off those negative energies or bad vibrations that are being generated inside you, forgetting someone becomes a necessity.

Energies and spiritual help are always necessary, especially when you can't forget someone as easily as you expected. Having a harmless ritual or spell will always be an ace up your sleeve when you see that it is difficult to continue.

The Spell that will help you when you cannot forget someone is very complex, it is mainly based on the laws of quantum and brain mechanics, the configuration of our reality and white magic.

This ritual that I present to you below is a combination of energies, elements of the earth and a spiritual evocation that makes it effective and it will be very easy for you to carry out, and the best thing is that its results will not be long in coming and The best thing is that it will be forever and it will help you when you can't forget someone.

not being able to forget someone

What do you need?

Using your energy, concentration and evoking the spiritual help of the supreme beings, this spell to forget that person who is no longer for you, it is very simple to do. You must have the following elements:

  • One paper, black sheet, paper or cardboard (it is extremely important that it be of this color).
  • A white chalk or correction pen with which to write on the paper.
  • Sugar.
  • A photo of the person you are going to forget.
  • The ashes of a stick or cone of myrrh incense.

Take the following steps to get over someone you like

  1. First of all, you should choose a day where you can spend around an hour or an hour and a half alone. It is important that they do not bother you and that you are focused on successfully carrying out this magical, arcane and esoteric ritual to forget the person you have in mind. And, as you well know, interruptions only manage to alter the result of our spell.
  2. Before beginning light the incense thanking the divinities for the opportunity they are giving you by allowing you to perform this spell of oblivion. Pronouncing the following sentence "Thank you elemental forces for allowing me to perform this spell to forget it. ALWAYS with your permission, ATTEND to my demands, RELEASE my chains and BREAK the blindfold. SO BE IT".
  3. While the incense burns, write on the top of the sheet or cardboard the name and surname of the person you want to remove from your life and on the bottom lower page your name and surname. In addition, both names must be joined with two lines and, later, they will be crossed with two more white lines..
  4. Once the previous point has been made, you are going to break the sheet in half. Now, you must tear the sheet in half, leaving your name on one piece and the other remaining piece that of the person to be separated. The piece where the name of the person you want to forget forever is written, permanently, you are going to break it into small pieces, until his name is practically illegible. You will put him in a garbage bag where, in addition, you will insert his photograph (which you will also break into many tiny pieces, so that not even his face can be seen). And, also, insert the ashes of the incense that we have lit throughout the ritual.
  5. When you have it ready, you will spread it in a geographical point that is outside your habitual residence. However, your piece will remain intact, without breaking it, and what you will do is submerge it overnight in a deep plate with sugar. When you wake up you will go to a place where flowers or aromatic herbs grow (it could be a garden, the mountain or next to a river) and you will bury everything. The sugar and the piece of foil. And you will leave the place without looking back. From this moment your paths will be completely separate.

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